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Partnership Disputes

Partnership Disputes Litigation Attorney

Our partnership disputes attorneys help our clients navigate the complex issues involved in professional disagreements between business owners, partners, and shareholders.

We understand that while standard legal claims including breach of contract, fraud, defamation, or negligence are typically the most common types of partnership disputes, there are many internal behaviors and indecisions that threaten to implode companies when partner, LLC member, or shareholder relationships are severely damaged.

When partnership disputes occur, our experienced attorneys can help protect your personal and professional interests by implementing litigation solutions designed for a wide range of clashes that may have started small but are now compromising the business’s ability to operate optimally.

Partnership Disputes Attorneys

While most partnerships are based on a signed agreement that outlines the terms and conditions of their operation, not all businesses formalize their partners’ relationships through written agreements but instead make an oral promise at the onset of the company’s operation.

If there is a written agreement, the document will determine the partners’ rights, responsibilities, and the terms for withdrawal or dissolution.

Without a written arrangement or one that is lacking in terms and conditions, our Florida laws will govern the partnership’s underlying agreement that applies to all partners, which includes:

  • The inability to restrict access to records or books by any partner
  • The elimination of the obligation of good faith and fair dealing
  • The elimination of the fiduciary duties of loyalty or care

If your business partnership has been compromised by dishonest behavior, obligation failures, or both, contact our experienced partnership dispute attorneys today to learn about your legal rights and options in holding the liable party or parties accountable.

What are the Most Common Partnership Disputes?

Our partnership dispute lawyers represent clients involved in complex disagreements with associates they once trusted enough to start or expand a business with, which may make their pursuit of legal remedies an emotional journey.

We work tirelessly to remove the responsive personal component from our legal representation, so our clients can make informed decisions based on their real-time legal options that are designed to produce long-term solutions.

Some of the most common types of partnership disputes our experienced attorneys litigate include:

  • Breach of Non-Compete, Non-Solicitation, and Trade Secret Agreements
  • Breaches of Fiduciary Duty
  • Dissolution and Asset Division
  • Embezzlement
  • Inappropriate Executive Compensation
  • Management Self-Dealing
  • Misappropriation of Assets and Corporate Theft
  • Negligent Management
  • Ownership and Management Conflicts
  • Violations of Partnership Agreements, Operating Agreements, or Bylaws

We understand that partnership disputes are deeply personal to all involved, which is why we develop strategically customized approaches to providing our clients with the legal solutions they deserve to get back to work and put this connection behind them.

What are the Legal Remedies Available for Partnership Disputes?

The legal remedies for partnership disputes are as equally complex as the disagreements themselves and require precise legal representation from an experienced attorney.

Our partnership dispute lawyers design customized legal remedies for each business we represent because no two companies are the same and neither are the legal solutions to fit their needs.

Your unique legal solutions for partnership disputes may include:

  • Expulsion of the Offending Partner from the Company
  • Pursuing Liability for a Breach in the Partnership
  • Seeking Liquidated Damages via Monetary Damages
  • Negotiating a Settlement Between the Parties

Whether your partnership dispute originates from engineering or architectural partnerships, accountant partnerships, real estate partnerships, medical partnerships, or law firm partnerships, to name a few, our attorneys can help apply the best legal recourse for your circumstances, so you can move forward with confidence and get back to doing what you love.

Contact Our Skilled Partnership Disputes Attorneys

If you are involved in a partnership dispute, no matter the industry, and are seeking legal solutions for your business, contact our experienced business litigation attorneys today by calling (786) 706-9228 to determine the best way to proceed by partnering with our experienced lawyers who customize legal solutions for each unique client we represent.