Our Recent Personal Injury Wins




Our personal injury team won a settlement of $293k for three clients involved in a car accident.


JULY 2023


Our personal injury team represented a client who was involved in a rideshare accident. The insurance company initially offered only $25k, but our team was able to get our client the money he deserved for his injuries.


JUNE 2023


Our personal injury team represented four clients involved in an auto accident and secured a $300K settlement for their injuries.


January 2023


Our personal injury team secured an $800k settlement for three clients involved in a car accident.

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Navigating Miami’s Roads: Common Causes and Legal Remedies for Auto Accidents
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Slip and fall accidents
Slip and Fall Accidents: Protections at Resorts and Parks in Florida
Dec 15, 2023
While the allure of Florida’s attractions is undeniable, understanding the state’s legal landscape when it comes to slip and fall
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slip and fall accidents in Mississippi
Slip and Fall Accidents in Mississippi: Seasonal Factors Impacting Personal Injury Cases
Dec 13, 2023
Living in Mississippi, we are fortunate to escape the harsh winters that plague other states. However, our subtropical climate presents
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Swimming Pool Drownings
Swimming Pool Drownings: Preventing and Addressing Tragedies in South Florida
Dec 31, 2023
In the sun-drenched landscape of South Florida, swimming pools are a ubiquitous and inviting presence. However, beneath the surface of
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Bus Accidents
Bus Accidents in South Florida: Pursuing Compensation for Injuries
Dec 28, 2023
In South Florida, bus accidents, though less frequent than car accidents, carry a significant impact due to the number of
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Chanel C.

” I am extremely happy with the assistance from Morgan Law Group. They made my journey with them easy and efficient. I was kept informed of the progress every step along the way. Many thanks to them. “

Linda M.

” They were great and were very professional. Kept us up to date through the whole process. “

Carl Lindholm Jr

” Amazing experience working with The Morgan Law group. Everyone there was very nice and professional. They made my personal claim feel like it was being handled by family. I look forward to recommending them and using them in the future. “

Alejandra Berlioz


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