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How to Resolve Conflict Among Business Owners in Florida

At Morgan Law Group, our Florida attorneys know that conflict in the workplace is as old as work itself. Whether it is a dispute between LLC members, partners, shareholders, or owners and their managerial staff, one of the major factors in their occurrence is the business’s financial health.

When businesses are operating successfully, owners may focus on increasing their share of compensation or deciding how to reinvest profits.

When businesses are struggling, tough decisions may have to be made regarding how the current management plays a role in the company’s pivoting direction.

These discussions can be difficult to have, which may lead to increased resentment that only hurts the potential for owners to outline their expectations and managers to understand what they hope to achieve by making the necessary changes.

Here are a few ways these conflicts can be resolved quickly and effectively, allowing everyone involved to begin focusing on positive solutions that allow both the individuals affected and the company to succeed.

Florida Business Disputes Require Taking Immediate Action

No matter which side of the dispute you are on whether you are an owner or a manager quickly addressing the issue will keep it from festering and causing further dissent within the ranks while minimizing tension on the way to developing solutions.

Find a safe and private place to have a discussion and be sure to be available for the duration of the meeting. When owners rush a resolution, it makes everyone feel as though this dispute is not worthy of their time.

Clarify the Source of Conflict

Once the meeting begins, frame the discussion positively by establishing that this meeting is focusing on solutions and that everyone’s input is valued.

Establish which needs are not being met on both sides of the issues.

Focus on the issues, not the person or people who are immersed in the conflict, and encourage parties to avoid personal attacks as they focus on problem-solving.

Practice Active Listening to Understand the Issues Without Interruption

Active listening simply means letting everyone’s voice be heard, without interruption.

Asking open-ended questions that encourage parties to elaborate on the issues will help everyone involved understand the other’s viewpoint.

This is often where discussions become heated, as the source of the dispute is highlighted for those who may have not known the details yet.

Keep a solution-focused approach by asking how work processes were impacted by the situation or what tools or resources the managers may be lacking to successfully do their jobs.

Investigate the Origin of the Dispute

Now that all the information regarding the origin of the dispute is on the table, take the time to investigate it from the top down.

Dig deeper and find out more about why the dispute happened, if there are other involved parties, and how it is affecting the balance of the owners and workforce.

Once solutions have been established, do not expect them to self-correct. Keep an eye on the issue and assess if the solution is effectively changing the workplace dynamics for the better.

If the issue resurfaces, take necessary action.

What Happens When Business Conflicts Cannot Be Managed Internally?

At The Morgan Law Group, our Florida attorneys provide straightforward advice and legal solutions for our clients, which allows them to understand the reality of their dispute and how it will affect their personal, professional, and financial interests, so they can make informed decisions about their futures.

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