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Some insureds may be lucky enough to go through their entire life without ever needing to file a first party property insurance claim. Unfortunately, when your home is damaged by a hurricane, storm, or other peril, you must quickly familiarize yourself with the property insurance claims process in order to successfully resolve any dispute you may encounter with your property insurer. In every first party property insurance claim, the ultimate end goal is to resolve quickly so that each party can reach mutually agreeable terms and conditions without the need for additional litigation. It comes as no surprise that the overwhelming majority of first-party property insurance cases settle before a lawsuit needs to be filed. Sadly, there are many things that can go wrong in the handling of a property insurance claim. Oftentimes, clients feel that their insurer is giving them the run around. Here’s a few tips to help speed up the claims process and facilitate the resolution of your claim.

Talk to Your Insurance Adjuster: Dealing with your insurance company’s adjuster can be intimidating but it is a normal part of the property insurance claims process. Oftentimes, this is one of the best ways to pinpoint the main reason for the delay or dispute between you and your home insurance company. Before you call, double-check to make sure you have responded to all of your insurance companies’ requests for information and/or documentation. Also, you should keep in mind that the adjuster works for the insurance company and you should expect that they are going to try and protect their employer’s bottom line. Once you make the decision to contact your insurance adjuster, explain your position without revealing unnecessary information and ask for their help in resolving your claim. Try and figure out what information or documents they need to make a final determination in your claim. Understand that many insurers dish out a low initial settlement offer fully knowing that it is too low to compensate you for your damages. Insurers do this because they assume you will seek the advice of a legal professional or public adjuster which will result in a higher settlement down the road. Overall, if you have a valid claim and have complied with all of your insurer’s reasonable requests, you are likely to gain a sympathetic ear which can go a really long way in moving your insurance claim along.

Talk to The Adjuster’s Supervisor: When you have tried to obtain information from the insurance company’s adjuster and keep getting the run around. Ask to speak to the adjuster’s supervisor. Tell them that you will follow up with their supervisor to make sure that they comply with all of the time frames and expectations you have in resolving your claim. Discuss with the supervisor your concerns and what you have done to help move the claim along.

File a Civil Remedy Notice with Your State Insurance Department: Most states will hold insurance companies accountable for “bad faith” claim practices. If you think that your property insurance company has wrongfully denied your claim or is using dilatory tactics to avoid making a final determination on your claim or is not complying with all of the state requirements with respect to property insurers, you can report them to the state insurance department. In fact, our attorneys often file civil remedy notices when appropriate for our clients.

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Homeowners’ insurance policies can be difficult to understand. To keep your property insurance claim under control and on track, you may want to consider hiring a first-party property insurance attorney. An experienced property insurance claims attorney can help protect your rights as an insured by explaining your rights and your insurer’s obligations under the law. When you don’t have an advocate on your side to present your case to your property insurance company, it is more likely that you will be taken advantage of and receive a low settlement offer or an outright denial for your damages. If you have questions or concerns about your insurance coverage or are currently involved in an insurance dispute with your property insurer over your claim, contact one of our experienced property insurance attorneys to discuss your claim. Our attorneys can provide an honest and thorough evaluation of your property insurance claim and damages and the likelihood of success of your claim against your insurer. Pursuing a fair and accurate settlement of your damages requires no risk because our firm handles homeowner’s claims on a contingency basis. Contact one of the attorneys at The Morgan Law Group! We will aggressively represent you to ensure you get the money you are owed without any further delay by the insurance company.

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