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The Florida Panhandle is bracing for Hurricane Michael, which is expected to make landfall sometime Wednesday, October 10th, 2018. The hurricane is currently strengthening, reaching Category 2 early this morning. By the time it hits land, Hurricane Michael is predicted to be at least Category 3.

The National Weather Service office located in Tallahassee, Florida has warned Panhandle residents that Hurricane Michael will likely be the most destructive storm to make landfall in that region in over a decade. Hurricane Michael will bring gale-force winds capable of tearing paneling off homes and spreading debris all around. It will also cause torrential rainfall and inundation, especially near rivers that will assuredly flood.

The worst of Hurricane Michael will likely extend from Tallahassee to Pensacola. Predictions put the hurricane’s course at a northeast direction that will take it near Panama City Beach and eventually into Savannah, Georgia. If you live anywhere in the Florida Panhandle or another region that will be hit by Hurricane Michael, then please check local reports to see if the authorities have ordered an evacuation.

(For more information about Hurricane Michael’s predicted path and possible destruction, you can click here to view a full and regularly-updated article from The Weather Channel.)

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With Hurricane Michael surging towards the Florida Panhandle, we can all only assume there will be widespread hurricane damage that will be the cause of thousands of hurricane damage claims. Homeowners and business owners alike will need to assess the damage caused to their properties – as soon as it is safe to return to the area – and prepare a claim to file with their insurer as soon as possible. The chances of insurance companies being burdened with a great number of claims all at once are high. In response, some companies may resort to dishonest tactics to try to mitigate and reduce the payouts they give to clients.

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