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For the past couple of months, we have offered tips and strategies to prepare for the 2019 hurricane season, and ideas on how to get your affairs in order before and after a storm cause damage to your home or business in the State of Florida.

At The Morgan Law Group P.A., our Florida insurance claims attorneys understand that even if you are prepared, and have covered all protective angles to keep you and your family connected and safe, our past experiences with hurricanes remind us all that mother nature’s unpredictability cannot be fully measured.

Hurricane Season Spans Six Months: When Is The Most Dangerous Time For Storms?

Hurricane season is one of the most dangerous times of the year for Floridians, no matter what month the storms appear in. For instance, Hurricane Barry brought damaging floods to the Gulf Coast and left homes and businesses soaked beyond repair the first week in July, which is early in the season.

The National Weather Service reported this week that while hurricane season runs from the first of June  through the end of November each year, the majority of storms form from the middle of August through late October, signaling the peak of the season as September 10th.

The main cause of this heavy storm period begins with patches of stormy weather forming off the African coast. These weather patterns then drift across the Atlantic, and landing right at our Florida doorsteps — some building into tropical storms or hurricanes during their paths across the water.

Historically, peak hurricane season has produced some of the deadliest and damaging storms our country has seen, which provides a reference point for just how dangerous these weather patterns can become — reiterating the importance of being prepared.

How Can I Protect My Home, Business & Family During Florida’s Peak Hurricane Season?

In our previous posts, we have discussed compiling hurricane preparedness kits, ensuring each person in your home has enough food and water, clothing, and resources to remain safe when the storm is near.

Creating a communication plan with your friends and family members will allow everyone to check in once they are safe, and find each other after the storm has passed.

Finally, protecting your home or business from a hurricane goes beyond placing outdoor furniture in a safe place or shuttering windows. Reviewing your insurance policy will provide the assurance you need that no matter what Florida’s peak hurricane season brings, you are protected.

If you have questions about your insurance coverage, or are still waiting for your provider to deliver the financial recovery you deserve from a previous hurricane or storm, contact our insurance claims lawyers in Florida at The Morgan Law Group for a free consultation by calling (888) 904-2524 to learn more about your rights — before or after a storm affects your livelihood.

We can help ensure your coverage is providing the protection you deserve and hold the insurance company responsible for the recovery your policy promised.