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Sinkholes are formed when bedrock under the surface of the ground becomes eroded over time. As the bedrock breaks down, the top layer of soil becomes incredibly unstable, eventually giving way and forming a hole or depression in the ground. If your home was sitting on top of the soil, it may be damaged or completely destroyed by this phenomenon.

In Florida, sinkholes are very common. In fact, Florida has the highest rate of sinkholes in the United States. That is why insurance companies provide sinkhole coverage, known as catastrophic ground cover collapse coverage, as an option to homeowners. However, laws are in place to reduce the liability of insurance companies for sinkhole damage.

In general, you will only be able to receive compensation for sinkhole damage if:

  • There is a depression that is obvious to the naked eye
  • There is a government order to vacate the property
  • There is damage to your home’s foundation and structure
  • The ground collapsed abruptly

For damage caused by minor settling of the ground, such as cracks in your home’s structure, you may not be able to receive compensation under catastrophic ground cover collapse insurance. However, you have the option of purchasing additional separate coverage for any damage inflicted on your home by a minor sinkhole. Our Miami insurance claim attorneys have extensive experience representing homeowners who are pursuing compensation for sinkhole damage. We can discuss your options and work diligently for your case from start to finish.

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