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While social media is a helpful tool to stay connected with friends and family, it can also be a hindrance to your personal injury claim. In order to protect your ability to pursue compensation after an accident, it is important to avoid posting on social media. Here’s why:

Social Media Is Considered Public Record

Under current laws, social media posts are considered public record. This means messages, pictures, videos, and other information you post on social media platforms may be used against you in court. These platforms include, but are not limited to, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and dating websites.

For example, if you post a message letting friends know you feel fine after a car accident, but you are now filing a claim for injuries that appeared days later, the insurance company may say that your injuries were not caused by the accident, or that they aren’t as severe as you say they are. This could make it difficult to receive the financial relief you need.

The Insurance Company Will Use Social Media Against You

Once you file a claim, the insurance company will perform a detailed investigation. In many cases, they will do everything possible to avoid paying what you deserve. This means they will comb through your social media accounts looking for evidence to undermine your claim. Anything you or other people post may be used against you.

How Can I Protect My Personal Injury Claim?

The best way to protect your personal injury claim is to avoid posting on social media entirely until the case is settled. If you do post on social media, it is important to set your privacy settings to the highest level. This will help deter insurance adjusters from finding information about you.

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