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Insurance coverage is designed to give home, condo, and business owners peace of mind when damages occur to their property. No one pays for insurance coverage and considers the possibility of the insurance company will refuse to pay for property damage from hurricane, fire, or water damage.

The reality is, an average of 200 million claims are rejected by insurance companies across the country each year.

At The Morgan Law Group, our Florida, Orlando insurance claims attorneys fight for our clients to pursue the insurance coverage they pay for, which is designed to cover damages that occur from natural disasters, human error, and accidents that turn their lives — and their finances — upside down.

Unfortunately, policyholders with legitimate claims are denied every day, for varying reasons that seem incomprehensible to those who are counting on coverage to protect their losses.

Our Florida insurance claims attorneys are advocates for policyholders who help them understand exactly what type of coverage they have, how to review their policies, and what needs to occur to develop a successful claim, even after their insurance company has denied coverage.

Why Was My Insurance Claim Denied?

The insurance companies will delay, undervalue, or deny your claim by simply using internal protocols that help them avoid payment.

It’s unfair – and if they are operating in bad faith, illegal.

Common reason insurance companies deny claims can include, but are not limited to:

  • Incomplete or harmful statements: Sometimes, policyholders can provide a statement to the insurance company that may complicate the recovery process, including providing an incomplete account of how, when, and why the damage occurred.
  • Lack of documentation: Insurance companies require a record of all damages, including pictures or videos of how, when, and what damages occurred. When they do not receive significant proof, they may deny your claim.
  • Damaged materials were discarded: Damages of any kind must be backed up with proof that the damage occurred. If you have thrown out damaged materials or evidence of the harm that was caused, they may deny your claim.

How Can The Morgan Law Group Help Revive My Claim?

Before you contact the insurance company to question, complain, or dispute their denial, you must understand exactly what your coverage entails.

At The Morgan Law Group, our Florida insurance claims lawyer will fully review your policy and your denial letter, which should include the reasons for denying your claim.

We will also cut through the bureaucracy insurance companies hide behind when denials occur. Often, insurance companies will simply point the damages as “uncovered” by the policy, using technical terms to confuse their explanation.

Our Florida insurance claims lawyers will use our experience to interpret insurance industry language to pursue results. Our Florida insurance claims attorneys are skilled negotiators who can reopen your claim to pursue the best results available for your unique circumstances. If negotiations break down at any point, we can litigate your claim inside the courtroom.

Just because your insurance claim has been denied does not mean you are out of options.

If your home, condo, or business insurance claim has been denied, contact our Florida insurance claims attorneys at The Morgan Law Group by calling (844) 818-0774 today. We will review your complete coverage, evaluate the damages, and pursue an appeal on your behalf, so you are not left paying for the expenses out of pocket.