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Hunting in Mississippi is popular, but what happens when you’re in the woods and have an accident? While you’re out there enjoying the sunshine and having a great time, it’s not too far-fetched to slip up and fall, make a mistake, or become the victim of someone else’s aim. Whether you’re with friends or hunting alone, the chances of having a hunting accident, even when you least expect it, are very real. When this happens, consulting with a personal injury attorney should be one of the first plans of action.

What Qualifies As a Hunting Accident?

There are many variations as to what can qualify as a hunting accident. Here are a few:

  • Falling from a tree stand
  • Not engaging a safety feature and accidental discharge through movement
  • Firing into the woods without having a clear target
  • Improper use of a tree stand

While hunting-related injuries are common in this industry, being prepared for whatever happens is key. You must be prepared to protect and fight for your rights in any instance, especially if you were a victim and not at fault. An injury and accident lawyer is skilled with the expertise to navigate any claims or litigation that may follow.

Protect Your Life, Protect Your Rights
Firearm incidents are very common, resulting from negligence. These injuries can be life-threatening. What should you do if an injury occurs?

  1. Seek medical attention
    The first line of defense is to make sure your injuries are taken care of and documented. This helps to secure your safety and provides a valid record of any injuries.
  2. Gather information
    This is the time to recollect everything that happened from beginning to end. This is the timeline of how things occurred. This can also be helpful in the case of malfunctioning equipment. A detailed timeline offers support for the claim.
  3. Contact accident attorneys
    Once you have secured your safety, depending on the severity of the injury, you or someone in your family should immediately contact an injury attorney. The sooner the attorney can speak with you and assess the facts of the case, the quicker things can move forward. Depending on the type of accident, the attorneys may have to pursue compensation from the manufacturer or company of the equipment.

Once the attorney decides to take the case, they will review the facts and determine liability. This could include one or more individuals or businesses. In many cases of this nature, there are multiple parties. Good examples are:

  1. Other hunters
    A hunter out shooting by themselves or with friends who shoot into the woods with no intended target may accidentally shoot you due to negligence. This could be a shooting that involves a rifle, arrow, or shotgun. Although it was unintentional, the shooter may still be liable for your injuries.
  2. Equipment manufacturers
    Faulty equipment is one of the main reasons why individuals are involved in hunting accidents. This could be due to a defective design, poor materials, or something else. The attorney will research and determine how much liability falls on the manufacturer of the equipment if a fall or something worse occurs that caused the accident.
  3. Weapons manufacturers
    It may be difficult to determine if a weapon is defective, but it can be done. This makes the manufacturer liable for distributing a weapon that can cause harm to hunters or the general public. When manufacturers release a product that they know has issues and can cause harm, they are directly liable for any injuries suffered by the victim.
  4. Property owners
    In most cases, the land that hunters use is owned by someone responsible for the upkeep of the land. Any defects of the property that may cause harm or danger could result in liability claims against the property owner.

Getting the Assistance You Need

When faced with injuries from a hunting accident, many people don’t view this as a personal injury claim and don’t know where to turn. This is a personal injury claim that should be handled by experienced accident attorneys who are well-versed in hunting. Proving liability against manufacturers and companies can be lengthy, and a good attorney understands the nuances and steps to take that will help you receive the compensation you deserve. Depending on the types of injuries and negligence, the case may also result in criminal charges. Getting legal representation is always the best solution in dealing with these types of situations.

There are specific hunting regulations and requirements that must be followed in the State of Mississippi. An attorney can also determine if you carry some of the liability for your accident. Every hunter should have a valid hunting license and state waterfowl stamp. If you don’t possess these items, your case could become more complicated, requiring the skills of an attorney.

Hunting Violations

Several common hunting violations may also help your case in the case of negligence from another person or manufacturer. These could include permit and license violations, trespassing (getting shot while someone else is trespassing on the property), illegal shooting hours, and more. Working with an accident attorney is advantageous to building a case that will help provide compensation for your injuries, especially if they are so severe that you lose time at work or are unable to work anymore.

Being Diligent in Your Choices
While being the victim or having someone in your family become the victim of a hunting accident is not pleasant, you do have recourse to these actions. Getting in touch with a property injury lawyer as soon as you can, may work to your benefit. Calling the professionals to handle your case the right way can give you peace of mind, knowing that all the facts will be uncovered to support your claim.

Call the Professionals
If you’ve never worked with an attorney, it may seem complicated, but nothing is as complicated as not being able to receive compensation for your injuries. If you need assistance with a hunting accident claim in Mississippi, contact The Morgan Law Group today!