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Dealing with an insurance company isn’t always a picnic, but most companies will do their best to cover what you need after an emergency. All people who purchase insurance are entitled to be covered in the event you present a legitimate claim or if a claim is made against you. However, insurance claim attorneys come in when you need to deal with bad faith insurance companies.

Insurance bad faith is a legal term describing when an injured person or a policyholder has a claim against an insurance company for bad acts. Under U.S. law, all insurance companies owe a duty of good faith and fair dealing to the people they insure. This means if a person has a legitimate claim, an insurance company is obligated to do what they promise to do by covering the person’s claim expenses.

However, bad faith insurance companies will use underhanded tactics to avoid paying claims. They will do this by denying a claim without a valid reason, conducting an improper investigation, delaying the payment of a claim, delaying the investigation of a claim, or refusing to communicate with a policyholder.

Typically, bad faith insurance companies will do their best to shake off potential claimants to avoid paying a cent for what they lawfully owe their policyholders. In these types of situations, a claimant usually needs to rely on legal representation to get what he or she deserves.

Our skilled Miami insurance lawyers in Floridawork on a contingency fee basis. This means we don’t charge you a fee unless we can recover compensation on your behalf. Some insurance claims can take months or even years. A skilled attorney can keep working on the case and focusing on the legal battle while you concentrate on recovering from your injuries or rebuilding your life after an accident. People rely on attorneys to fight their legal battles on their behalf. Let us see how we can help you.

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