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Insurance is one of the most effective means of protecting yourself against financial loss. As a homeowner, you purchase coverage to protect your property, and you sign a contract and make payments to uphold your side of the agreement. When damage and losses occur, you expect to be treated fairly and compensated in a timely manner. Unfortunately, insurance companies don’t always treat policyholders as they should.

When it comes to insurance providers that deny, dispute or challenge a homeowner’s claim, you have the right to not only be treated fairly and in accordance to the law, but to also challenge decisions made by your insurance company. When disputes arise, they can make tough times even more difficult, and pose the threat of a significant financial burden.

At The Morgan Law Group, our Miami insurance claim attorneys have extensive experience protecting the rights of property owners across South Florida during homeowner’s insurance disputes. If you are facing a dispute after submitting a homeowner’s insurance claim, it becomes important to work with a proven lawyer who can help protect your rights and interests and secure the best possible resolution.

Because the stakes can be high in cases of homeowner’s insurance disputes, working with a lawyer can make all the difference. Here’s why:

  1. Protecting your interests – During a dispute, your interests and the interests of your insurance company are in natural conflict. The insurance company wants to pay you as little as possible, and you want to recover the full amount of coverage you need. Logically, it makes sense to have an advocate on your side who can help protect your interests, as you should not expect your insurance company to do so.
  2. Leveling the playing field – When the insurance company has an interest in denying your claim or offering a payout that is less than you need and you dispute their actions, they will fight aggressively to win. Insurance companies are in business to protect their bottom line, and they leverage extensive resources to do just that. By working with a lawyer who has the experience, resources, and determination required of these cases, you can effectively level the playing field with the large corporations you face off against.
  3. Insight – Insurance law is both complex and a system filled with intricacies. When you attempt to go it alone, you risk making critical mistakes an attorney could have helped you avoid, as well as risks that could cost you compensation. Having handled numerous homeowner’s insurance claims involving a range of matters, including hurricanes, fire, floods, theft, and more, our legal team knows how these proceedings work and how insurance companies will handle disputes. We also know when and how to handle negotiations for a fair settlement, when it is and is not appropriate to litigate, and whether our clients may have valid bad faith insurance claims we can help them pursue. We use this insight when protecting our clients’ interests and taking the steps we know can be effective under the given circumstances.
  4. Ability to litigate – When you attempt to dispute a decision without a lawyer, the insurance company knows that you will be limited not only in your knowledge of the laws and procedures involved but also your ability to take the dispute as far as it can go. By retaining the help of an attorney who has the skills to litigate, you won’t limit yourself in your options when insurance companies continue to dispute your claim. Our firm is drawn from decades of combined experience to effectively negotiate the highest possible settlements. Because we also have extensive experience as trial lawyers, we are not afraid to aggressively litigate when the need arises.

As with most legal matters, working with a lawyer provides you with the support, assistance, and representation you need to navigate unfamiliar proceedings which can have an outcome that will greatly impact your life. Our legal team at The Morgan Law Group understands the stress and concern clients face when disputes arise, and we know they depend on positive resolutions. It’s why we are passionate about providing the personalized guidance they need and the zealous representation they deserve. In every case we handle, we fight for the maximum compensation possible.

To discuss a homeowner’s insurance dispute and learn how our insurance claim lawyers can help you, call (844) 818-0774 for a free consultation. We proudly serve clients throughout Miami, Orlando, Naples and the surrounding communities of Florida.