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Water damage repairs are typically costly and time-consuming, and if your homeowner’s insurance is delaying or denying your claim, you may be facing an extreme expense that you were certain your coverage would pay for.

At The Morgan Law Group P.A., our insurance claim attorneys in Florida know that burst pipes can lead to severe damage in your home, condominium, or business, leading to extensive restoration repair bills that your insurance policy should cover. We can help you determine exactly what the insurance company should pay for, and deliver an expedited legal path to getting your claim processed and paid, so you can get your property repaired without delay.

Nearly 40% of Homeowners State They Have Suffered Losses From Water Damage

American Insurance Association reports that water damage is the second most frequent insurance claim filed in the United States.

Water damage accounts for a significant number of homeowner’s insurance claims, and burst pipes inside, outside, and under the home or business account for a significant amount of financial losses by home and property owners throughout the country.

In fact:

  • 250 gallons of water is released per day due to a 1/8-inch crack in a water pipe
  • Billions of dollars in property losses each year are a direct result of water damages

Does My Insurance Coverage Include Water Damage Claim Recovery?

At the Morgan Law Group, our Florida insurance claims lawyers recommend that property owners throughout the state review their insurance policies often, so they are not taken aback by the insurance company’s offer when they are caught by surprise by a burst pipe.

Slow drips, cracked plumbing, eroded pipelines, and even disastrous damage from unauthorized digs, natural disasters, and human error can lead to significant property destruction that can lead to unimaginable expenses when your insurance provider delays, diminishes or denies your claim.

Throughout the State of Florida, seasonal home and condo owners can spend a significant amount of time away from their property, unknowingly suffering from water damage from burst pipes. The longer it takes to realize the damage, the more significant the repair costs become. This isn’t your fault. And your insurance company should not deny your claim as a result.

How Can The Morgan Law Group Help Me Recover Financially?

If you believe your insurance claim is being undervalued, or worse — outright denied — our water damage insurance claims attorneys in Florida will help you hold your provider accountable for the coverage your policy provides. Contact us today at (866) 547-3687 or go online to determine if you have a claim, so we can get started on your financial recovery now.