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At Morgan Law Group, our Florida personal injury lawyers know there is often some confusion about the difference between a slip and fall lawsuit and a premises liability claim.

The simple explanation is, if you encountered a slippery surface caused by a property owner or operator’s negligence, and was injured during the impact of the fall, that is often considered a slip and fall case. A slip and fall case is a type of premises liability claim.

Premises liability claims cover a broad range of personal injury cases, and our Florida personal injury attorneys can help you determine the viability of your case, along with your legal rights and options to pursue the property owner for financial compensation during a free consultation today.

What Other Types of Cases Fall Under Premises Liability in Florida?

Slip and fall cases maybe some of the most common premises liability cases, but they are not the only ones.

Premises liability claims may also include, but are not limited to:

Inadequate Property Maintenance in Florida

Property owners must maintain their premises in a way that will not cause harm to others or put them at risk for injuries. When the property is dangerous for any reason, and the owner or operator does nothing to fix the hazard, people are going to get hurt.

Negligent Security in Florida

Negligent security occurs when a person or party suffered an attack or robbery on premises where the property or business owner failed to provide adequate security.

These cases are often strengthened when these incidents have happened on the property before, and the property owner failed to provide adequate security going forward.

Dog Bite or Animal Attacks in Florida

Florida is a strict liability state, which means even if a dog owner was not previously aware of the aggressive nature of their pet, he or she can still be held liable for a dog bite.

Our Florida dog bite laws do not require the person who was bitten by a dog to prove their injuries were a result of the dog owner’s negligence.

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