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Have you ever been involved in a bus accident? You probably think it will never happen to you. However, most people use public transportation at some point in their lives. As a passenger, you need to understand your legal rights. The Morgan Law Firm will help you get things moving when a bus accident brings your life to a screeching halt. Our insurance attorneys take on municipal and private transportation companies when they give you the runaround. You can count on us to safeguard your interests, starting with this guide on everything you need to know about bus accidents in Florida.

Unique Nature of Bus Accidents

Riding in large vehicles comes with a unique set of risks. For example, most public buses don’t come equipped with seatbelts. However, private charters may have seatbelts and other safety features. As a result, it’s easy to become confused regarding your rights as a passenger. Additionally, you’re much more likely to get thrown from your seats in the event of an accident.

With the assistance of an experienced insurance claim lawyer, you can rest assured that someone is looking after your interests. That’s crucial in transportation accidents that involve multiple parties. Our team understands the steps required to investigate the cause of an accident. Let us conduct a comprehensive investigation and help you receive adequate compensation for your injuries, pain, and suffering.

Common Causes of Bus Accidents

When you hire an insurance lawyer, they typically start by determining the cause of the collision. However, not every bus accident involves a collision. In some cases, you may slip and fall while getting on and off the bus. In other cases, you may fall when the bus comes to a sudden stop.

Here’s are typical causes of bus accidents that may result in injury:

  • Poor maintenance or mechanical failure.  If the transportation company does not conduct routine inspections, improperly inflated tires, faulty brakes, and other mechanical failures can lead to accidents and injury along the route.
  • Bad weather. Extreme weather such as storms can lead to challenging driving conditions. Larger vehicles are especially vulnerable to accidents caused by hydroplaning and other conditions due to bad weather.
  • Road infrastructure. Road hazards and crowded intersections may lead to confusion and hazardous conditions. This increases the likelihood of an accident.
  • Lack of seatbelts. Buses tend to be more crowded than other vehicles, but many do not have seat belts that can minimize injuries.

No matter what caused the accident, a dedicated bus accident lawyer will represent your interests and help you state your case to the insurance company. Most accident cases are settled out of court. However, our experienced lawyers are willing and ready to battle in court on your behalf if needed.

Florida’s Bus Accident Laws

Florida is a no-fault state. If you receive injuries in a bus accident, you start by filing a claim with your own insurance. However, you have the right to pursue a legal claim if your insurance limit doesn’t cover the total costs associated with your injury. The Morgan Law Group is ready to pursue damages from the bus company, driver, or municipality responsible for the transportation accident.

Going up against a large transportation company or Florida municipality presents unique challenges. For example, you may have a shorter time frame in which to file a claim naming a private company. If you have serious injuries, you need a determined accident lawyer to help you recover lost wages, medical costs, and other losses due to the accident.

In some cases, you may need to pursue legal action against the responsible bus driver. Under Florida law, some damage is considered catastrophic. Passengers can collect financial damages based on a percentage of blame assigned to various parties. That means you can receive compensation even if you’re partially responsible for the accident.

Bus Accidents Versus Car Accidents

If you’ve ever been in a car accident, you may think you know what to expect from a bus accident. However, bus accident cases involving several passengers can become complicated quickly. Public transportation accidents often involve many vehicles. In some cases, the bus driver causes the accident, exposing the bus company to extensive claims.

So, what does Florida law say about bus accident injuries? Under state statutes, bus accident victims can receive damages from any and all responsible parties. However, this rule doesn’t kick in until after your damages exceed your personal insurance coverage.

Our team of insurance lawyers carefully combs through all the facts of the case. We’ll give you an honest answer involving the details of your accident. Without an experienced attorney, you may not receive the compensation needed to fully recover financially as well as physically.

What Are Bus Accidents Damages?

You can receive similar damages for bus accidents as car accidents. For example, as an injured passenger, you can seek compensation for time you lose from work and medical bills associated with accident injuries.

If a public or private bus hits your vehicle, you may also be eligible for property damage reimbursement. In cases of gross negligence, the court may award punitive damages against the driver or transportation company. Bus drivers under the influence of alcohol and bus companies that fail to conduct regular vehicle inspections may face punitive damages. With the right attorney, you greatly improve your chance of a positive outcome.

If you ever find yourself or a loved one involved in a bus accident, talk to an insurance attorney right away. These events are rarely straightforward. You need someone who can make your claim and help your case stand out from other injured claimants. If you have lost a loved one due to a bus crash, you may be eligible for wrongful death benefits. Talk to an attorney who can gather all the necessary details to make the best argument for your case.

Call the experienced bus accident attorneys at The Morgan Law Group to set up a no-obligation consultation today!