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At Morgan Law Group, our workers’ compensation attorneys in Florida know that specific employer coverage requirements are based on the type of industry, number of employees, and entity organization, but all are required to provide workers’ compensation insurance for their employees.

That means, when employees are hurt at work, they should be protected by Florida’s Workers’ Compensation Laws, which provides coverage for medical bills, lost wages, and other important expenses when they cannot work due to their injuries.

Unfortunately, not all Florida workers’ compensation claims are approved for payment, which can lead to our residents paying for these ever-increasing costs out of pocket.

If your workers’ compensation claim is denied, it is not necessarily the final word on your case.

We can help determine the reason your claim was denied and file an appeal on your behalf to remedy the initial ruling, so you can focus on your recovery without financial worry.

What are the Most Common Reasons Workers’ Compensation Claims Denied in Florida?

Workers’ compensation claims are complex, simply because they involve insurance company approvals to proceed. Like all insurance companies, your employer’s workers’ compensation coverage provider is not going to write a blank check for your recovery needs.

Instead, they will do everything they can to undervalue your injuries and compensation needs or deny the claim outright.

The most common reasons for workers’ compensation claim denials in Florida include, but are not limited to:

  • Incomplete application
  • Missed filing deadline
  • The injured person did not pursue medical treatment
  • The medical provider was not on the certified list of providers
  • Discrepancies between the documented injuries and accident report
  • The injury did not happen at work
  • The employer disputes the claim
  • The injury is not severe enough to require the payment of benefits

If you received a workers’ compensation denial, we will help you pursue the outcome of the benefit you deserve through a formal appeal.

What Should I Do if My Florida Workers’ Compensation Claim is Denied?

If your Florida workers’ compensation claim is denied, you will receive a letter outlining why the insurance company believes you are not eligible for benefits.

In some cases, the employer’s insurance company may deny the claim because of something as simple as a typo or other minor error in your paperwork that can be easily corrected.

Other times, the true reason for the denial may be masked in insurance or legal terms that do not make much sense.

If you have already determined that your Florida workers’ compensation claim was not denied because of a filing or clerical error, things are going to become increasingly complicated during a formal appeal.

Our aggressive Florida workers’ compensation attorneys can help ensure your appeal is viewed with the proper consideration, so you are not left paying for your medical expenses and time away from work out of pocket.

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If you have been injured at work and were denied workers’ compensation benefits, you do not have to face the Office of the Judges of Compensation Claims and appeal process alone. Contact our experienced Florida workers’ compensation attorneys at Morgan Law Group to schedule a free consultation today by calling 888-904-2524 to ensure your claim is taken seriously.