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At Morgan Law Group, our workers’ compensation attorneys in Florida know that all Florida businesses with four or more employees must carry workers’ compensation insurance unless they operate a construction company, then they must carry coverage for every employee.

Our state’s system is considered the exclusive remedy for most work-related injuries and does not require the employee to prove the employer was negligent or at fault in any way for the damages that occurred, so long as they were hurt in the course and scope of employment.

Workers’ compensation insurance is designed to provide the employee with benefits that cover medical treatment and a portion of the lost wages during the employee’s recovery.

However, there are times when workers’ compensation coverage does not fit the injured person’s recovery needs, which may require a closer look by our Florida personal injury lawyers to determine how else the responsible party may be held liable for our client’s complete damages.

What if the Causes of My Injuries Fall Outside of Florida’s Workers’ Compensation Coverage?

There are workplace injury scenarios that may fall outside of workers’ compensation coverage, which will allow the injured employee to sue their employer or another third party for their full financial recovery.

First, employees may file a lawsuit against their employers when they are not carrying the mandatory workers’ compensation insurance required by our Florida laws.

Next, if the employer fails to file the workers’ compensation claim promptly, the employee may pursue them for their delay and the losses the employee incurred as a result. Further, employees can file a lawsuit if an employer denies a workers’ compensation claim in bad faith.

Aside from the employer, employees may pursue negligent third parties for workplace injuries.

Our Florida personal injury lawyers primarily become involved in potential liability lawsuits when a third-party property owner/controller, or another liable party who is not the direct employer is responsible for injuries caused by slips, trips, and falls, defective machinery, or negligent security.

Both require our Florida personal injury law firm to prove negligence in the form of a failure to exercise reasonable care in owning, operating or maintaining the property.

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