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At Morgan Law Group, our Florida, Louisiana, and Mississippi auto accident attorneys know that driving under the influence, speeding, and seatbelt nonuse are the top behaviors that lead to car accident deaths throughout the United States.

While each of these fatality causes is preventable, traffic collisions still occur because of these behaviors every day throughout the country.

When determining negligence, which is necessary to pursue the damages caused by the crash, our Florida auto accident lawyers will investigate the collision using the police report, witness statements, vehicle damage, and a crash site analysis to get the full scope of how the accident occurred and who was responsible.

There is also a viable resource that can pinpoint the cause of the crash without opinion or bias: video footage.

How Can Morgan Law Group Obtain Video Footage from a Crash Scene?

To be clear, not all accidents are caught on camera. However, there is more video surveillance footage available in 2022 than there was before, including that captured by public, private, and government-owned cameras.

Some of the most common video footage that may tell the story of your accident may include:

  • Traffic cameras
  • Gas station cameras
  • ATM cameras
  • Vehicle recording devices
  • Doorbell cameras
  • Business or home video surveillance cameras
  • Cellphone footage purposefully or inadvertently captured by witnesses.

If you have been injured in a collision in Florida, Mississippi, or Louisiana, contact the police right away to ensure a police report is completed at the crash scene and filed. This will provide the exact time, date, and location of the crash, which will allow our skilled auto accident attorneys to scour the area for potential video footage.

Once we determine there is evidence that can help prove negligence occurred during the accident, we will legally research, request, and review the video footage from the owner, with their permission.

It will then be presented as part of our case during settlement negotiations with the insurance company or while at trial to pursue the best outcome for our clients’ auto accident and injury claims.

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