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Can We Settle a Partnership Dispute Without a Florida Partnership Agreement in Place?

Our Morgan Law Group attorneys in Florida understand that it is practically impossible to be involved in a business partnership with another person — or multiple people — without having a difference of opinion.

When these differences escalate to the level of partnership disputes, businesses typically have dispute resolution clauses built into their partnership agreements. This allows each party to formally address the concerns and resolve the issue(s) in-house or through mediation, before taking legal action.

Unfortunately, not all partnerships formalize their agreements in writing. If this is true for your organization, there are several ways to settle your partnership disputes in Florida.

Gather All Supporting Evidence & Consider a Collaborative Solution

When individuals start a business together without a partnership agreement in place, things can become contentious when they disagree. Whether the dispute involves operations, finances, or leadership, each partner must present straightforward evidence that supports their argument.

This allows the other partner(s) to understand why he or she is taking this stance and the importance of getting on board. Conversely, if there is no evidence to support the argument, it may make more sense to go in the other direction.

Either way, before the dispute turns into litigation, business partners must remember they share an important mutual interest: The success of their company.

Collaboration is often the best approach during a partnership dispute and should be the first line of defense before taking further legal action. Not only will this save time and money, but it also allows the partners to maintain the respect and integrity they brought into the partnership.

If one or more parties are unwilling to compromise or listen to the other’s point of view, it may be time to seek professional help.

Get Professional Help to Resolve Your Partnership Dispute

If business partners cannot collaboratively agree to move on from a dispute, they can involve a third party to help reveal the best practices for moving forward.

Our skilled Florida partnership dispute attorneys help clients outline their positions, review the supporting documents, clarify key issues, and outline the next steps to protect their best interests.

If a resolution cannot be met, it may be time to involve a mediator to help guide the discussion.

Mediation allows the partners to maintain control of the decision-making process, before handing the details of their dispute over to the court during litigation.

Moving from Mediation to Litigation

If the partners exhaust all the previous options and still have not reached a resolution, litigation may be the only option. This is especially true if partners are attempting to force a buyout or take full control of the business.

If you are ready to discuss your Florida partnership dispute with an attorney, we can help you understand your legal options, so you can make informed decisions about the future of your company.

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