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At Morgan Law Group, our Mississippi, Louisiana, and Florida negligent security attorneys know that personal and business security provide order, safety, and peace of mind — most of the time.

Unfortunately, it is often difficult to identify any potential problems with your security provider until it is too late.

The question becomes, when the security you have hired, or pay for as part of your ongoing protection, fails to protect you, your business, or guests at an event from harm, can you hold them liable for the damages?

The short answer is, yes. However, it depends on which legal standard was breached.

Here is what our clients need to know about their legal rights and options.

When Is a Security Company Liable for Acting Negligently?

There are multiple ways security companies can breach the safety standards they are expected to provide.

Common violations may include:

  • Poor Hiring Practices

When individuals or businesses hire security providers, it is with the full intent of ensuring everyone they are there to protect remains safe.

When security companies fail to run criminal background checks or thoroughly review their security personnel’s job history and personal information, they may be held liable for damages that occur while the individual is under their employ.

  • Inadequate Employee Training

Partnering with a security company should provide the peace of mind individuals and businesses need to enjoy an event or their place of employment knowing security personnel can handle any issues that arise.

When security companies hire individuals who may not be trained in certain aspects required to fulfill their duties, it is their express responsibility to train that person or group of people until they are.

Security companies are also responsible for providing employees with frequent retraining to ensure their staff is up to the evolving challenges of any security assignment.

  • Insufficient Employee Supervision

Employers are responsible for the actions of their employees while they are at work. That means they must provide the proper supervision to ensure they are accurately performing their duties. This could mean routine check-ins where they are working or reviewing their performance with clients after an event.

  • Security Personnel Inaction

Most events, buildings, or other operations that require security personnel are supported by trained, supervised, and trustworthy individuals who know how to accurately do their jobs.

However, there may be times when security personnel fail to act against criminal offenders and take no action to intervene. When this happens, the people and the space they are paid to protect can get hurt, or killed.

Contact Our Skilled Negligent Security Attorneys in Florida, Louisiana, or Mississippi

When any of these above instances leads to injuries or the loss of life that could have been prevented by security personnel taking any reasonable action, you may have a strong claim against the security company.

Contact our skilled Florida, Mississippi, or Louisiana negligent security attorneys at Morgan Law Group to schedule a free consultation today by calling 888-904-2524 to learn how we can help you understand your legal rights and options to pursue a claim against the liable person, party, or entity that was responsible for your hired security needs. Contact our personal injury attorneys in Florida for more legal help regarding negligent security.

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