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Homeowners depend on their homeowners’ insurance providers to be there for them in the event of a catastrophe. Significant damage to a home will not be inexpensive to fix, and it might also take quite some time to complete. The purpose of homeowners’ insurance is truly to provide financial support and a sense of stability during such a difficult time and as repairs are made.

However, many homeowners are surprised to find that filing even the most basic of claims can lead to the most complicated of issues. Most of these problems will arise simply due to the fact that insurance companies know that fixing or replacing a home is costly and that they do not want to pay for it entirely. By adding some complexity and scrutiny to the process, a dishonest insurer may try to save their own bottom dollar, rather than take care of their clients.

Possible Troubles in Homeowners’ Insurance Claims

Difficulties you may encounter when trying to file a homeowners’ insurance claim include:

  • Organization: Your homeowners’ insurance provider will be skeptical of any damage, no matter how major or minor. In order to prove that it occurred in the time frame that is relevant to your claim, you should be prepared to present an organized catalog of photographs or work history on your home. Failing to be organized upfront can cause you troubles later on.
  • Contract complications: Between the fine print of an insurance contract is where an insurer may try to hide their responsibility to you. If you have not recently reviewed your contract, do so today. Make certain that you are covered for everything you need and to the extent you expect. Complications often arise around water damage claims in particular, as different sources of water can trigger different claims. In Florida, obtaining hurricane coverage is crucial.
  • Unnecessary delays: Most insurance companies need to investigate your property for damage within 10 days of your own damage claim filed to them. Once the investigation is complete, they have no more than 90 days in most cases to either approve or deny the claim. A common bad faith insurance tactic is delaying the processing of your claim for no reason, buying the company time to try to find a way to eventually deny or minimize your recovery.
  • Unexplained denials: Insurance claims can and will be denied for valid reasons. You have the right to know those reasons. If your claim is denied and the reasoning doesn’t add up or is not given to you at all, it is likely your insurer is trying to throw out your claim just to save themselves money.
  • Lowball settlements: Possibly an industry favorite, insurance companies will pitch incredibly low recovery or settlement amounts to its clients in hopes they will jump at the chance to get anything at all. This is why it is so important to get your own appraisal of your home’s damage so you know about what it will take to fix it all.

If you are heading headfirst into trouble when trying to file your homeowners’ insurance claim, it is time to get The Morgan Law Group on your side. Our Miami insurance claim attorneys are ready to fight for your rights and protect your best interests as an honest homeowner in Florida. Call (844) 818-0774 or contact us online today for more information about how to start your case.