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The Morgan Law Group’s Denver office, represented by attorneys Sebastian Melo-Ortiz and J.R. Williams, recently became members of the esteemed Colorado Roofing Association (CRA). This membership marks an important step in the firm’s commitment to serving clients in the first-party property insurance industry.

Established in 1978, the Colorado Roofing Association is dedicated to promoting the ethics, education, and image of the roofing industry throughout the State of Colorado. With a mission to assist homeowners and commercial building owners and managers in making informed decisions about replacing and maintaining their roof systems, the CRA boasts a membership of over 275 roofing contractors, consultants, engineers, manufacturers, distributors, and associated professionals.

“As members of the Colorado Roofing Association, The Morgan Law Group looks forward to utilizing the association’s member resources to address roofing-related inquiries, provide insights on upcoming events, spotlight noteworthy industry developments, and enhance consumer education on roofing matters,” said Sebastian Melo-Ortiz, Associate Attorney at The Morgan Law Group.

“Our goal is to support the CRA’s initiatives in educating consumers on roofing issues and providing valuable resources to homeowners and commercial property owners,” added J.R. Williams, Associate Attorney at The Morgan Law Group.

For further information about The Morgan Law Group and the Colorado Roofing Association, we encourage you to explore our website at www.policyadvocate.com and the CRA’s website at www.coloradoroofing.org/.


About The Morgan Law Group:

The Morgan Law Group is a law firm specializing in representing policy owners and injured individuals. With over 25 years in business and offices nationwide, The Morgan Law Group handles first-party property and personal injury claims with real-world advice, experience, and knowledge, providing an all-inclusive approach to yielding the most positive results on their client’s behalf. The Morgan Law Group takes pride in understanding client concerns and delivering the most effective legal representation in a timely and professional manner.

About the Colorado Roofing Association:

The Colorado Roofing Association (CRA) was established in 1978 with the goal of promoting the ethics, education, and image of the roofing industry throughout the State of Colorado. Comprising over 275 members from various sectors of the roofing industry, the CRA is dedicated to helping homeowners and commercial property owners make informed decisions about roof replacement and maintenance.

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