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Colorado is known for its beautiful landscapes, but it is also known for severe weather – including damaging hailstorms. If you are a Colorado homeowner and a recent hailstorm made you wonder about possible damage, it is crucial to know your rights and the steps to protect your property.  The insurance attorneys at The Morgan Law Group, a firm specializing in hail damage insurance claims in Colorado, offer this guide for homeowners.

Identifying Hail Damage to Your Property

Hail damage in Colorado may not always be immediately obvious to one’s property. Here is what to look for:

  1. Roof – Dents, cracks, or missing shingles are common signs of hail damage. Check for circular bruises on your roof’s surface as well.
  2. Siding – These can vary in size and severity depending on the size of the hail and the material of your siding. Pay close attention to areas directly under roof overhangs where deflected hail might have concentrated.
  3. Gutters and Downspouts – Hail can dent and potentially warp your gutters and downspouts. Damaged gutters may not function properly, potentially leading to water damage around your foundation.
  4. Windows and Screens – Large hail can shatter windows or cause them to crack. Smaller hail might create ‘starburst’ patterns of damage. Check your screens for punctures, tears, or stretches in the mesh.
  5. Outdoor AC Units – The thin aluminum fins on condenser coils of outdoor AC units are highly susceptible to hail damage. Bent fins restrict airflow, reducing efficiency and potentially causing more serious damage in the long term.

After a hailstorm, carefully inspect your property for these signs of hail damage in Colorado. If you suspect your home has been affected, do not hesitate to contact a qualified roofing contractor or inspector for a professional assessment.

Property Attorney’s Advice: What You Should Immediately Do

Time is of the essence after a hail storm. Here is what a property attorney from The Morgan Law Group advises:

  1. Document Everything – Take photos and videos of the damage and the hail itself, if possible. Keep notes on the date, time, size of the hail, and extent of damage.
  2. Contact Your Insurer – File a hail damage insurance claim right away to start the process.
  3. Mitigate Further Damage – Take reasonable steps to prevent additional damage, such as covering holes with tarps to prevent water intrusion. Keep receipts for materials.
  4. Get Estimates – Obtain at least two, but preferably three, estimates from reputable roofing companies or contractors.
  5. Consider a Hail Damage Attorney – While not always necessary, consulting an experienced Colorado insurance claims attorney can guide you through the claims processes and protect your rights.

Taking these steps immediately after a hailstorm is crucial to protecting your property and your financial interests. Remember, insurance companies often undervalue hail claims. Do not let them deny or minimize your claim.

Property Attorney’s Advice: What You Should NOT Do

It is easy to make mistakes that compromise your rights and your compensation.  Be aware of common pitfalls, and do not make decisions that could harm your claim’s outcome.

  1. Don’t Sign Anything Right Away – Your insurer may offer a quick settlement. Before signing, have a hail insurance attorney in Colorado review the terms.
  2. Don’t Let the Insurer Dictate Repairs – They may recommend less costly materials or contractors. You can choose your repair services.
  3. Don’t Neglect Leaks – Small leaks can become big problems. Have them professionally repaired as soon as possible.

Protect your interests by avoiding these common mistakes after the damage. Resist pressure for hasty decisions. If you feel overwhelmed or unsure how to handle the situation, do not hesitate to seek help from seasoned hail damage insurance attorneys in Colorado.

What to Expect During the Hail Damage Insurance Claims Process

Understanding the steps in a typical hail damage insurance claims process in Colorado offers some clarity. Here is what you can generally expect when working with your insurance claims after a storm:

  • Inspection
    • Scheduling and Preparation: Your insurer will schedule an adjuster to inspect your property. Before the inspection, gather your documentation (photos, videos, repair estimates) and have it readily available.
    • Adjuster’s Role: The adjuster will assess the extent and nature of the hail damage. They will closely examine your roof, siding, windows, gutters, and other areas that may have been affected.
  • Scope of Damage
    • Adjuster’s Report: The adjuster will compile a detailed report outlining the scope of damage they observed and create an estimate of repair costs.
    • Initial Settlement Offer: Based on this report, your insurance company will likely make an initial settlement offer. It is important to remember that this first offer might not fully cover all necessary repairs.
  • Negotiation
    • Importance of Negotiation: If you believe the settlement offer is insufficient, do not hesitate to negotiate. You or your hail damage insurance claims lawyer in Colorado can review the adjuster’s report and present your documentation and estimates to support a higher claim amount.
    • Contractor Involvement: Your chosen roofing contractors or other repair professionals can also provide valuable input and documentation at this stage to support your claim.
  • Settlement or Dispute Resolution
    • Reaching an Agreement: Ideally, your negotiations will result in a fair settlement that covers the full cost of necessary repairs.
    • When Disputes Arise: If you and the insurance company cannot agree, other options are available. These may include mediation (facilitated negotiation) or even legal action if no fair resolution can be reached otherwise.

If you feel the insurance company undervalues your damage or disputes your claim unfairly,  do not hesitate to seek help. An experienced hail damage insurance claims lawyer in Colorado can fight for fair compensation and guide you through the entire process.

Let Our Hail Damage Attorney in Colorado Assist You in Your Insurance Claims

Insurance companies do not always have your best interests at heart. If you disagree with their assessment or they unfairly deny your hail damage insurance claim, a specialized attorney can advocate for you. At The Morgan Law Group, we thoroughly understand the complexities of insurance law and fight tenaciously on behalf of Colorado property owners.

We can help you by:

  • Reviewing your insurance policy
  • Maximizing your hail damage claim
  • Negotiating with the insurance company
  • Representing you in court, if needed

Do not let hail damage leave you with financial burdens. Contact The Morgan Law Group today for a free consultation on your hail damage rights in Colorado.