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Do I Need an Attorney to Finalize a Business Partnership in Florida?

At Morgan Law Group, our Florida attorneys believe whether you are a sole proprietor who is interested in incorporating or two or more professionals who want to form a partnership, you should always seek counsel before finalizing the direction of your company.

While that may seem self-serving, considering we are business litigation attorneys, the advice is simply designed to protect your best interests from the start.

Here is why that is important.

Consulting with an experienced business attorney allows partners to fully assess their company’s strengths and weaknesses, competition, and goals, which will allow them to choose which type of partnership is best for their business before preparing the paperwork.

The type of partnership may determine the amount of taxes the partners will be responsible for, the liability risks associated with the partnership selected, and outline any applicable laws to ensure the partnership is not in violation of any Florida statutes.

A Skilled Florida Business Litigation Attorney Can Provide Legally Binding Partnership Agreements to Protect Your Future

Business partnerships are often built on trust, as the partners typically have a close personal and/or professional connection before deciding to launch a company together.

This alone is one of the best reasons to consult with a business litigation attorney because no matter who your partner is including a family member or best friend a written partnership agreement will keep all professional matters outlined in a legally binding document.

That includes outlining:

  • Each partner’s role in the company
  • Each partner’s capital contributions
  • Each partner’s ownership interests
  • How business decisions will be made
  • How disputes will be resolved
  • What happens if a partner wants to leave the company, falls ill, or is deceased

Our Florida business litigation lawyers can help draft or review a partnership agreement to ensure the details include any necessary legal provisions to avoid future company hardship.

A Skilled Florida Business Litigation Attorney Can Help Avoid or Resolve Partnership Disputes

No matter who the business partners are, or how long they have known each other, disputes are inevitable. Whether it is about one partner’s role, or the direction of the company, a properly composed partnership agreement — and an attorney’s explanation of how the details are legally binding — can help all partners remain protected by determining the best course of action to avoid or resolve LLC member disputes, partnership disputes, and shareholder disputes, so you can move forward with confidence.

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