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Hurricane Michael Causes Severe Losses & Property Damage for Florida Residents

Hurricane Michael hit Northwest Florida in October 2018, causing millions of dollars’ worth of damage to homes, businesses, cars, and other property, and many Florida residents are feeling the effects. The storm’s 155-mile-per-hour winds caused trees to topple, roofs to detach, and structures to collapse, and the heavy rains resulted in irreparable water damage to houses, automobiles, and other valuable possessions.

The property devastation in Mexico Beach and other communities in the Florida Panhandle is so extensive that it may take years to rebuild. As of October 20, 2018, an estimated 100,000 people were still without power due to the storm, and people in rural areas are expected to remain without power due to flooding, damaged power lines, fallen trees, and debris.

Hurricane Michael has caused destruction to thousands of homes, and many people are experiencing major problems, such as:

  • Severe water damage
  • Collapsed walls
  • Foundations that are cracked or compromised
  • Holes and fractures in the roof
  • Loss or destruction of automobiles
  • Loss of food and resources due to power outages, flooding, etc.

Filing an Insurance Claim for Damages Caused During Hurricane Michael

If you experienced loss or property destruction of any kind during Hurricane Michael, you must file the necessary insurance claims as soon as possible. However, after doing so, you may find that your insurance company is slow to respond to your claim or resistant to fulfilling the terms of your insurance policy.

This can take a number of different forms, including:

  • Claiming that flooding and wind-related damage are not included in your coverage
  • Claiming that some home repairs are not necessary
  • Claiming that the damage to your home was not caused by the storm
  • Delaying a claim until the deadline for filing is fast-approaching
  • Providing insufficient payment on a claim
  • Requiring policyholders to fill out an unreasonable amount of paperwork
  • Requiring policyholders to provide an unreasonable amount of documentation

You Need a Florida Hurricane Damage Attorney on Your Side

At The Morgan Law Group we understand how insurance companies work, and we know when they are treating you unfairly. We have experienced hurricane damage attorneys with a long history of making sure our clients receive quick, fair treatment from insurance providers in the aftermath of major storms like Hurricane Michael. Get started with us by scheduling your free consultation and learning about our contingency fee-based payments.

Call (844) 818-0774 today to speak to a hurricane damage attorney in Miami and let us help you pursue fair treatment from your insurance carrier.