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The Atlantic hurricane season began on June 1, 2020, and the first official weekend brought strong winds, downpours, and even tornadoes to Central Florida, causing nearly $1 million in damage and leaving more than 40 people displaced.

At The Morgan Law Group, our hurricane insurance claims attorneys understand that the start of the dangerous storm season means more than planning for large weather disturbances in the Atlantic Basin.

One week into the 2020 hurricane season, Floridians are already picking up the pieces from flooding, sinkholes, and tornado damage; side-effects of warm ocean waters meeting a relatively calm atmosphere.

Flood Warnings and Water Damage Reported Throughout the State

The flooding, as deep as three feet in some places, closed numerous streets and inundated cars that could only be stranded by the flood waters.

The Florida Department of Transportation closed all lanes of Interstate 10 near mile marker 273, through the first Sunday evening of hurricane season due to flooding.

The Florida Highway Patrol reported that flood water was standing in the northbound lanes of I-295 near mile marker 54, where fallen trees only complicated traffic patterns by blocking two southbound lanes in Duval.

Severely Saturated Grounds Developing Sinkholes

A large sinkhole opened alongside State Road 35 in Florida’s Marion County, shutting down traffic in both directions after the ground gave way.

A concrete utility pole toppled over and dropped the traffic signals into the intersection. Although no one was hurt, this quick occurrence is a reminder that Florida leads the nation in sinkholes, which can cause severe damage to homes, businesses, and other property without notice.

Life-Changing Florida Tornado Damage

The Central Florida Red Cross recorded an EF-1 tornado hit Orange County, where at least eight homes and an apartment complex were reported to have major damage, leaving up to 40 people homeless.

The tornado blew out windows, toppled walled, and ripped off roofs while crushing cars under fallen trees.

A long and aggressive hurricane season is slated for 2020 and now is the time to take your home’s inventory and review your insurance policies to ensure you are covered for the next wave of storms on the horizon.

Are You Covered For The 2020 Florida Hurricane Season?

Whether it is your home, condo, business, vehicles, or other property that suffered damage — or complete loss — to the first Florida hurricane weekend’s storms, the insurance companies are going to be overwhelmed by the assessments and claims that will begin rushing in now and throughout what is forecasted to be an above-average hurricane season.

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