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At Morgan Law Group, our negligent security attorneys in Florida, Louisiana, and Mississippi believe everyone deserves to feel safe at home. Unfortunately, when our clients live in multi-family housing, like apartments or condominiums, their safety can be jeopardized when the property is not secure.

Before deciding on a location to call home, there are multiple questions you can ask the leasing agent before signing an agreement that will keep you there for the duration of the lease.

Help Protect Your Property, Health & Safety Before You Move In

No matter the rent rate, all residents should have reasonable expectations for the security their apartment or condo complex provides.

To ensure your expectations are met, or exceeded, consider asking the leasing agent:

  • Do all living spaces have deadbolts, locking windows, and locking sliding doors?
  • Does the complex have full lighting of the buildings, stairwells, hallways, and grounds?
  • Is there controlled access that locks automatically behind authorized entrants?
  • Are there digital security cameras monitoring complex entrances, stairs, parking areas, common areas, or hallways?
  • Does the complex hire qualified security personnel to patrol and monitor the premises?

It is also worth it to ask the leasing agent about the crime rate in the area, and if any violent crimes have occurred on the premises. If he or she does not know the answer or is not comfortable stating people have been victimized on their watch, ask the local police for a safety report or any crime statistics on the area by calling a non-emergency number.

It is always better to be safe than become a victim of theft, a robbery, sex crime, or another violent crime anywhere — especially in the place you call home.

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