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Earlier this month we talked about how the northwest Florida region’s all-important timber industry was devastated during Hurricane Michael, and how the still grounded trees pose a serious wildfire risk in the area.

Over six months later, and the fallout from Hurricane Michael is threatening more than fire, but potential flooding that could heavily impact home and business owner’s livelihoods.

The Tallahassee Democrat spoke with Barbara Goodman, a deputy secretary for the Florida Department of Environmental Protection who reported that $19.4 million has already been spent removing the downed trees from our waterways, which is just a portion of the $167 million that is needed to fully clear the debris.

Ms. Goodman estimated that while 110,000 cubic yards of debris has been removed from our state-owned waterways, the balance is seriously impacting the region.

“Waterway debris is acting as a beaver dam that would and is causing flooding that is impacting critical infrastructure,” Goodman said.

Jimmy Patronis, Florida’s Chief Financial Officer, echoed Ms. Goodman’s concern, stating, “Water has to go somewhere. If you can picture your slow-draining shower drain — this is exactly what’s happening right now. Our drains are clogged. And as the drains are clogged, the water has nowhere to go.”

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At The Morgan Law Group, our flood damage lawyers understand that while our community is still recovering from hurricane damage, the threat of new natural disasters could wreak havoc on their homeowner insurance claims.

As the state struggles to obtain the necessary funding to finalize the clean up after a disastrous hurricane, many homeowners are left feeling the same crunch from their insurance policies.

Each time an insurance company delays, short-pays, or denies a home or business owner’s claim, their lives are placed on hold while they figure out how to pay for the damage themselves — and that is not fair.

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The longer the downed debris remains in our waterways, the longer the threat of potential and serious flooding looms for our already-devastated communities.

Insurance policyholders count on their insurance providers to make them whole again after any type of property damage occurs. Unfortunately, the devastation from Hurricane Michael can still be seen and felt throughout the state, and our communities need help.

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