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At The Morgan Law Group P.A., our insurance claims attorneys in Florida heard a familiar refrain from weather experts who outlined the upcoming 2021 Atlantic hurricane season — it is predicted to be more active than usual.

The 2021 Atlantic hurricane season will begin on Tuesday, June 1, 2021, and is now forecasted to include 19 named storms, eight hurricanes, and four major hurricanes.

As we continue to provide our residents with tips, tools, and resources to successfully prepare for hurricanes throughout the season, our first preparedness suggestion for Florida residents is to review their current property insurance coverage to ensure any damages caused during these storms will be honored by their policies.

Is Your Florida Property Covered for Hurricane Damage?

At The Morgan Law Group, our Florida insurance claims lawyers know that our residents have a lot to lose when their home, condo, or business suffers from hurricane damage.

In general, homeowner’s insurance will cover damage from wind and wind-driven rain that results from hurricanes. However, depending on your property, location, and policy details, it may be advisable to purchase supplemental hurricane insurance coverage for flooding or other damages that may not be implicitly outlined in your existing policy.

If you are unsure of what is covered in your existing insurance policy, reach out to your insurance company representative to determine the details you are not clear on, which should include understanding exactly what type of hurricane insurance coverage you have, and what might be available as an addendum or under a new policy.

Learning that your insurance policy will not cover all the damages your property has sustained after a hurricane makes landfall can be physically, emotionally, and financially devastating.

We can help.

If you would like to understand what your insurance policy covers, would like to file an insurance claim with our experienced Panama City insurance claim attorneys leading the way, or have already had your insurance claim denied, we are happy to meet with you during a free consultation to discuss your complete legal rights and options today.

Contact Our Experienced Florida Insurance Claims Attorneys at The Morgan Law Group

If you are receiving mixed messages from your insurance company or are simply still not clear on what your hurricane insurance policy covers, contact our experienced Florida insurance claims attorneys at The Morgan Law Group to learn how we can help provide the straightforward answers you deserve by calling (850) 403-0992 today to schedule a free consultation.