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Identify the Origin of the Business Partnership Dispute

At Morgan Law Group, our Florida partnership disputes attorneys understand that going into business with someone often means disagreeing about certain aspects of how the company operates.

Conflicts between partners are inevitable.

However, when the disagreement threatens the viability of the partnership, it is time to take the necessary steps to resolve the issue, which may not always be possible without the help of a third party.

Here are a few tips to help resolve partnership disputes in Florida.

Business partnerships, while unique ranging from restaurant owners to architects often originate from the same few sources.

They may include, but are not limited to:

  • Workload imbalance between the partners
  • Disputes over resource allocation and distributions
  • Disagreements about business management
  • Allegations of misconduct by one of the partners

The important thing to note is, once partnership disagreements begin to escalate, the parties may lose sight of how the dispute actually started, which often makes it more difficult to resolve.

Taking an objective look at where the animosity began can help guide the conversation towards a solution. If the dispute is beyond a conversation, it is time to review the partnership agreement.

Refer to the Partnership Agreement to Prevent the Dispute from Escalating

A comprehensive partnership agreement should clearly outline the management expectations and responsibilities for each party. It should also state how disputes will be resolved when they do arise.

When the terms of the partnership agreement become a source of contention, muddying the business relationship even further, adding a neutral third party to the conversation may be the next step.

Mediation is a valuable resource that can often provide a speedy resolution that allows each party’s concerns to be heard, so they can compromise fairly and reach an amicable solution by negotiating a settlement.

Based on the origin of the dispute, negotiations may not be enough. If that is true, it is time to contact a Florida partnership dispute attorney to move forward with the next level of legal remedies.

What Legal Remedies are Available for Partnership Disputes in Florida?

Each legal remedy for a partnership dispute in Florida is as unique as the business relationship and is often more complex than the dispute itself.

Common litigation solutions for business partnerships may include, but are not limited to:

  • Seeking monetary damages
  • Pursuing liability for a breach in the partnership
  • Removing the offending partner from the company

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