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Most homeowners are meticulous in making sure that their property insurance premiums are paid on time. So, after your home sustains damage due to a covered loss, you may assume that your property insurer will do the right thing and properly compensate you for the damages you’ve claimed. Sadly, many property insurance companies routinely delay, deny, or underpay property insurance claims. After you’ve reported your property insurance claim, the insurance company typically sends out an adjuster who works for them to evaluate and estimate the damage to your home. After this initial step, you may spend days, weeks, or even months for a follow up from your insurance company. Finally, after a long period of waiting, you may get a letter from your property insurance company with a check for damages that is low in comparison to the types of repairs your home may need to be completely restored to its pre-loss condition. It’s important to understand that if you find yourself in this situation, there is still hope.

Many times, home insurance companies will outright deny a large percentage of claims that are made. There are several reasons that an insurance company may decide to deny all or a portion of your claim. Some examples include pre-existing damage, damage was caused by a loss that is not covered by your policy, wear and tear, faulty maintenance of property, and many other. In the event that the insurance company accepts a portion of your damages as covered under the subject policy, they often underpay or undervalue your claim. The insurer may achieve this by setting limits on the number of items that can be repaired or setting limits on the amount that they are willing to pay to repair your home. You may be wondering how insurance companies get away with these tactics. The answer is that in most states, there are statutes that enable property insurance companies to pay the actual cash value of your damages instead of the replacement cost value of your damages—which is usually a more accurate representation of the costs of fully restoring your home to its pre-loss condition. In the event that your specific policy calls for your damages to be paid at replacement cost value, many insurers will severely undervalue claims in an effort to pay only the actual cash value of a claim that is supposed to be paid on a replacement costs basis.

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