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The insurance claims attorneys in Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Puerto Rico at The Morgan Law Group P.A., know that not all homeowners have the same insurance coverage needs.

However, each can benefit from reviewing their homeowner’s insurance policy annually to ensure they are fully covered when their circumstances change and to confirm they are getting the best rate for their unique coverage needs.

Here are a few tips on when and how to assess your homeowner’s insurance coverage, so your property and possessions remain protected from the unexpected.

Why Should I Review My Homeowner’s Insurance Coverage Annually?

It is critical to review your homeowner’s insurance policy annually to ensure that any unexpected damage from fires, floods, water, mold, or hurricanes is fully covered, so you are not left paying for the expenses out of pocket.

Another great reason to explore the details of your homeowner’s insurance coverage is when your circumstances have changed, so all your property’s value is accounted for, which may include after purchasing or inheriting high-value artwork, jewelry, or other possessions.

If you have made significant changes to your home, which may include expanding the square footage by adding a nursery for a new baby or remodeling your kitchen, the value of your home could increase substantially, and so should your insurance coverage.

Finally, reviewing your homeowner’s insurance coverage annually will allow you to evaluate all potential savings and discounts that may be considered by your provider after adding a security system or other measures that can lower your premium.

How Often Should I Change My Homeowner’s Insurance Coverage?

Though you might review your homeowner’s insurance policy annually, making changes is completely up to you and should be dictated by your personal coverage needs.

If there has been a major change to your property, or if you would like to add supplemental coverage for flooding or hurricane damages, talk to your insurance provider about the options that will work best for you based on your unique circumstances.

Other times you may consider changing more than just your coverage, but your provider, especially if you are comparison shopping and find a much lower rate for the same policy with another company.

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