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On September 10, 2017, Hurricane Irma made landfall in the State of Florida.

Once the massive storm passed, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration estimated that Irma caused at least $50 billion in damage throughout the state.

For home, condo, business, and property owners who sustained damage during the hurricane, time is running out to file or reopen any Hurricane Irma-related insurance claim.

Florida Statute 627.70132, the statewide law governing hurricane and windstorm claims, states that policyholders must contact their insurers for hurricane-related losses or damages within three years from the date the hurricane made landfall.

For Hurricane Irma damages, that deadline is September 10, 2020.

Insurance companies encourage policyholders to submit claims as soon as they become aware of the damage, but at  The Morgan Law Group, our Florida insurance claims attorneys understand that it may not be possible to discover the full extent of wind, water, or hurricane damage until long after the storm is over.

When that is true, the insurance companies may be reluctant to pay an initial claim, supplemental claim, or reopened claim because of the time lapse.

The reality is, you have up to three years to file Hurricane Irma damage claims, and we can help you finalize your claim to pursue a maximum return.

Initial Contact With the Insurance Company Could Determine Your Recovery Success

Some of our Florida residents faced total destruction from Hurricane Irma and were literally left with nothing.

Others are discovering significant roof damage that may have been difficult to detect, as they do not know what to look for, which can result in expensive repairs.

From worst-case losses to roofs and other structural repairs, insurance adjusters often offer the same trained stance: to pay claims for the smallest amount possible or deny the claim outright.

This process begins the moment you contact the insurance company for the first time to report your claim — whether that is immediate, weeks, months, or even years after a hurricane makes landfall.

Each of your verbal conversations with your insurance provider will be recorded. Often, the stress, anxiety, and confusion of pursuing hurricane damages — especially when facing a filing deadline — can lead to your answers being scrutinized and manipulated to determine if your losses are covered.

If you are contacting your insurance company for the first time, reopening, or appealing an insurance policy claim from damages sustained during Hurricane Irma, our Florida insurance claims attorneys can review your coverage and file a complete claim, so the insurance company has little room to delay, undervalue, or deny your claim.

If Your Insurance Claim Has Been Denied or Underpaid, the Insurance Company Must Pay Your Attorney Fees if You Win Your Case

When your property sustains any type of damage, Florida statutes state that the insurance company will be ordered to pay any reasonable attorney fees and costs related to the case when we prevail.

This prevents the insurance company from taking advantage of customers by failing to properly pay claims.

If your home, property, or business was damaged during Hurricane Irma, and you have yet to file a claim or would like to reopen a previously filed claim, time is running out to pursue the financial recovery you deserve for your losses.

Contact The Morgan Law Group, P.A. to review and discuss your policy with our experienced Florida insurance claims attorneys by calling (305) 569-9900 today. We can help you determine exactly what you are entitled to, and how we can help you pursue a positive outcome.