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Early Tuesday morning, Hurricane Matthew tore across the island nation of Haiti. According to the National Hurricane Center, at the time it made landfall, Hurricane Matthew was a category 4 storm with winds of 145 mph. While the full extent of the damages in Haiti are yet to be determined, the storm is reported to be responsible for the destruction of many homes as well as the much of the nation’s infrastructure. Currently, the storm is also responsible for at least seven recorded fatalities. Officials are now keeping a close eye on the storm’s path as it heads north towards the United States.

Hurricane Matthew may be the most powerful tropical storm in the Atlantic since Hurricane Felix in 2007. The storm could make landfall in Florida in a matter of days before moving up the coast of the Eastern United States. Many news outlets have compared the effects of Matthew to the events of Hurricane Floyd in 1999, which led to the evacuation of approximately 2.6 million people. Florida Governor Rick Scott has told residents to prepare for both widespread power outages and the possibility of mandatory evacuations.

South Carolina has also undertaken preparations in order to stay ahead of the storm. South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley has ordered evacuations in many coastal parts of the state which could affect upwards of 1 million residents. As of Tuesday morning, the center of the storm is projected to edge along the Florida coast, however, officials warn that even a slight change in the hurricane’s path could send it toward heavily populated areas. Hurricane Matthew is next expected to hit Cuba.

While the true potential of Hurricane Matthew is yet to be known, Florida along with the east coast will continue to make preparations for the incoming storm. The Morgan Law Group P.A. calls Florida home and our team will continue to keep everyone affected by this storm in our thoughts. As a firm dedicated to civil litigation and bad faith insurance claims, we are proud to assist Florida residents in disputes with insurance companies over claims. We represent clients who have been adversely affected by storms to secure the compensation that they need in order to move on with their lives.

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