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As locals and government officials respond to the damage caused by Hurricane Sally’s impact on the State of Florida last month, residents are filing insurance claims for hurricane damage,  flooding, roof damage, and more all the way from Pensacola to the Keys.

As the storm surge in some areas reached over five feet, submerging parts of the state and causing rivers to reach dangerous levels in numerous counties, Florida Governor, Ron DeSantis, warned that there would be significant property damage affecting home and business owners throughout the area as cleanup will continue well into the winter months.

The online Insurance Journal estimated the immediate impact of Hurricane Sally likely caused around $5 billion in damage and cleanup costs.

If you have not already filed a claim for the damages, our Florida hurricane insurance claim attorneys can help you get started and lead you throughout the entire insurance claim process..

How Can the Morgan Law Group Help Me File a Florida Property Damage Claim from Hurricane Sally?

No matter where you are located in Florida, the slow-moving hurricane could have had a substantial impact on your home, condo, business, or other property, which may require you to contact your insurance company for damages.

Our experienced insurance claims attorneys can help build your case by:

  • Reviewing your insurance policy for free to determine what is covered and what’s not
  • Inspecting the damage to your home, condo, or business to determine the complete value of your loss
  • Providing hands-on legal guidance throughout the entire insurance claim process
  • Fighting for you to get you the full financial recovery that you and your family deserve

Filing a claim without the help of an experienced Florida hurricane insurance claim attorneys can leave many of our residents waiting for answers from their providers for months or even years after the storm has passed. For example, since Hurricane Michael made landfall in October of 2018, thousands of claims still remain unpaid, leaving residents without Florida insurance claims attorneys in turmoil with their carriers.

If you are preparing to file a claim for damages from Hurricane Sally, or have filed an insurance claim with your provider already and are getting repayment resistance in the form of delays, undervalued damage estimates, or outright denials, contact our experienced Florida insurance claims attorneys at The Morgan Law Group today at (305) 569-9900. We will represent you in the fight against your insurance company, so you can repair or replace your hurricane-damaged property as soon as possible.