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If your home has been damaged by water in one way or another – whether it was burst pipes, a hurricane, or a neighbor that left the sprinklers on for a week – your troubles might not be over as soon as the water damage is addressed. If the water crept into the inner workings of your home, it could have created mold deposits in hidden areas. Given enough time, mold growth can start to affect your indoor air quality and your quality of life.

Problems caused by poor indoor air quality include:

  • Asthma: Inhaling microscopic spores can gradually wreak havoc on your respiratory system. Healthy individuals may find that their breathing has become labored or that they are congested more than usual. Young children or elders can fare much worse and may even develop asthmatic symptoms due to mold.
  • Fatigue: Poor indoor air quality can heavily impact your quality of sleep. While you are trying to get rest, your unconscious body is breathing in bad air. By the time you wake up, you might not feel as if you had slept much at all. General fatigue is usually one of the first signs homeowners recognize when it comes to mold detection in their homes.
  • Fetid smell: The presence of mold can make the inside of your home start to smell stale and leave a bad taste in your mouth. If traditional remedies, such as candles, air fresheners, and vacuuming, do not make a noticeable difference, it might be mold in the walls, floor, or ceiling. After a while, the fetid smell of mold can cling and sink into furniture, clothing, and other personal effects, requiring replacement or intense cleaning.

What to Do About Mold Damage Claims

When you find that mold has caused damage to your property, you need to see if your homeowners’ insurance will cover it. But you also need to consider any negative health effects it may have caused you and your family to suffer. This is where damage claims can become intricate and difficult. Most insurers will not provide any sort of compensation for impacts to your health, and may even fight you on just supplying recoveries for the cost of mold removal.

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