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At The Morgan Law Group P.A., our insurance claims attorneys have successfully represented property owners throughout Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Puerto Rico after their homes, condos, and businesses sustained damages during hurricanes.

Now that the Atlantic Hurricane Season has drawn to an end and considering this year’s significant hurricane damage in the southeast and Caribbean, some homeowners may be unsure of how long they have to file a claim with their insurance providers.

The reality is, the laws are different in each U.S. state and territory.

What Are the Deadlines for Filing a Hurricane Damage Claim in Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Puerto Rico?

At The Morgan Law Group P.A., our insurance claims attorneys represent clients in Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, California, and Puerto Rico. Here is what our clients across the country need to know about the timing involved in pursuing a hurricane damage claim.

  • Florida

Under Florida law, you have three years after the hurricane to file an insurance claim or any supplemental claims.

  • Louisiana

In Louisiana, residents have 180 days, or six months, from the date the hurricane hit to complete the filing process to attempt to receive payment for a hurricane damage claim. There are some exceptions to this 180-day rule, especially in the face of widespread damage from a hurricane. However, property owners should not rely on receiving an extension to the deadline.

  • Mississippi

In Mississippi, whether your potential case involves damage to real property, including your house, land, or other property, or personal property, it must be brought within three years of the hurricane’s occurrence.

  • Puerto Rico

In Puerto Rico, the statute of limitations for filing a hurricane damage claim is one year from the date of the natural disaster. However, after the inconceivable and widespread damage both Hurricanes Irma and Maria inflicted on the island, San Juan Judge Ángel Pagán determined “the one-year statute of limitation to file claims in court is not final.”

The judge stated, “It should be clear that the term in Puerto Rico to submit claims to insurance companies for the damages suffered as a result of hurricanes Irma and María is one of a prescriptive nature, susceptible to being interrupted.” This ruling could also apply to hurricanes that have occurred since. Talk to our hurricane damage attorneys in Puerto Rico today to learn more about your rights to file a claim.

Contact Our Hurricane Insurance Claims Attorneys Today to Discuss Your Claim During a Free Consultation

It is important, no matter where you live, that you do not hesitate to file a claim well before your state or territory’s deadline. However, if your insurer is not responding to your claim, or is unwilling to pay the damages you sustained, you have legal recourse to pursue the best outcome for your case. We can help.

Contact our experienced insurance claims attorneys in Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, or Puerto Rico by calling 888-904-2524 to schedule a free consultation and learn how we can help you understand your coverage details and pursue the outcome you deserve from your insurance policy without further delay.