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The Morgan Law Group accepted applications from May 2019 through January 2020 from qualified pre-law undergraduates or students entering law school anywhere in the United States to compete for a scholarship designed to offset the costs of tuition or the miscellaneous expenses associated with preparing for the winner’s future as an attorney.

This year’s winner is Patricia Rezac who is attending Boston College Law in Newton, Massachusetts in the fall. To follow is her essay, which solidified her scholarship win.

Congratulations, Patricia!

Patricia Rezac: Boston College PSS Career Essay

From its rooftop terraces and glittering marble foyers, the private sector seems to loom over each Federal employee in Washington, D.C. A constant reminder of the grass on the other side, I learned quickly that working for the government is usually far from glamorous. Starting my career in a building with a temperamental thermostat and broken elevators, I walked past the ivory towers of contractor money and consultant splendor on my way to serve my country. The people of the United States are the reason why my colleagues and I brave the endless traffic on our daily commutes, why we pay for our own esprit de corps events, and why we willingly choose to take lower salaries. Even without the glitz, glam, and open bars, we are the lucky ones.

In my senior year of college, I was fortunate to secure a position as one of the youngest female employees in the nation’s largest law enforcement agency. From day one, I considered myself lucky to have the opportunity to serve the 60,000 employees of U.S. Customs and Border Protection even as a GS-7 analyst, who was unable to afford housing inside the beltway. And, over time, I was lucky enough to observe our nation’s ongoing immigration crisis firsthand, which inspired and ignited my curiosity about immigration law.

In the midst of the influx of executive orders, caravans, and overtime, there was never a single epiphany that led me to pursue a legal vocation within the federal government. Instead, I experienced countless encounters, reflections, and conversations that drove me to pursue a legal education to better serve my country. I observed the backlog of the legal system and its harmful effects on migrants, refugees, and the reputation of our nation.

I witnessed the outdated laws and unclear mandates that implicitly discourage lawful immigration. I saw our government react to legal deficiencies with the same ineffective methods time and again rather than deploying innovative solutions. Instead of working in support of those on the frontline, I’ve been compelled to pursue a more direct path: to serve on the frontline myself in the interest of comprehensive immigration reform in the US.

Upon graduating from Boston College Law, I will exercise my status as a competitive-hire tenured employee to return to the government as a Federal Attorney. After educating myself on immigration laws and participating in the BC Law Immigration Clinic, I will become a dynamic advocate for immigration reform in the U.S. Having the unique perspective of Federal work experience at CBP and a solid legal education, I will be a strong voice for those seeking a fair opportunity to enjoy the hope of the American Dream. Although I respect the laws we have in place today, I believe we as a country can do better and I intend to have an active role in our improvement. In four years, I hope that I will be lucky enough to continue serving my country with the support of BC Law and the The Morgan Law Group.