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The Morgan Law Group P.A. accepted applications from May 2020 through January 2021 from qualified pre-law undergraduates or students entering law school anywhere in the United States to compete for a scholarship designed to offset the costs of tuition or the miscellaneous expenses associated with preparing for the winner’s future as an attorney.

This year’s winner is Jonathan Harrington who is currently attending the University of Florida Levin College of Law, who received our yearly scholarship based on his moving essay focusing on Constitutional law.

Scholarship Winning Essay Exemplifies Leadership and the Importance of Constitutional Law

Jonathon Harrington transformed his passion for volunteering and activism in Constitutional Law from a grassroots collaboration with thousands of Floridians to expand voting rights under Amendment 4 — Voting Rights Restoration for Felons Initiative — into action to help protect the rights of all Floridians and Americans to live in peace and liberty.

Like thousands of other Florida residents, Jonathon believed our state’s Constitution was being employed as a weapon against the rights of marginalized and vulnerable Floridians who were unable to vote due to a previous felony criminal conviction.

When the American Civil Liberties Union called on volunteers to petition for Amendment 4, Jonathon joined with enthusiasm to engage in conversations with hundreds of Florida voters, learning to take in new perspectives and have intelligent, well-researched discussions.

Targeting local events, Jonathon coordinated petition gathering groups who often closed their days collectively obtaining over one thousand signatures to overturn the existing laws that forbade convicted felons from voting in Florida.

Jonathon’s involvement in these important local actions not only assisted in the fight to get Amendment 4 on the ballot, but Florida voters overwhelmingly ratified it to the State Constitution.

While attending the University of Florida Levin College of Law, Jonathon is striving to uphold the Constitution and fight voter suppression by moving from his previous position in the classroom, as a middle school language arts teacher, to the courtroom as a Constitutional insurance claims lawyer in Florida who serves the public good.

Congratulations, Jonathon! We look forward to seeing the great things you will accomplish as, and on your way to becoming, an attorney.