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From the Panhandle to the southern tip of the peninsula, ride-share drivers ferry passengers to and from their destinations all day long here in Florida. Inevitably, some of the drivers for Uber or Lyft are going to get into accidents. When that happens and riders or others get injured in ride share accidents, who bears the liability?  To understand more about liability and the ride-share industry, let’s first look at the basics from the perspective of a Florida auto injury attorney.

Defining a Ride Share Accident

It is likely a ride-share accident if you are riding in a vehicle operated by an Uber or Lyft driver and the following circumstances are in play:

  • You are logged into the company’s app. Drivers who are logged into the app system, regardless of whether they have a passenger or not, are covered for accidents that occur because they are driving under the auspices of the ride share company and the company’s insurance coverage is in effect.
  • You’re a third party. Maybe you are a pedestrian who gets struck by an Uber driver blowing through a stop sign. Or you could be the driver or passenger in another vehicle and get into a collision that was caused by the ride share driver. While that certainly is unfortunate, at least you’re covered under the ride-share company’s insurance policy.
  • You’re on a trip request. Again, whether you are the driver behind the wheel or the passenger in the back, once drivers click to accept a rider’s request for a trip, anyone in the car is covered until the passenger exits the ride-share vehicle.
  • All passenger injuries. Whether you were a passenger in a ride-share vehicle or a private car or truck, if you get injured during a ride share accident, there is coverage available for your injuries, lost wages, and property damages.

Now, let’s examine the policy minimums and limits that can affect a ride-share accident settlement or judgment.

So, Who Carries the Coverage?

The state of Florida requires that all ride sharing companies carry at least one million dollars of coverage for each accident or incident. Those are some pretty deep pockets, but it is not all the coverage that might be available to injured victims. Each driver for Lyft and Uber must also carry the minimum required liability insurance policies.

How Is Liability Determined?

Unlike some other states, Florida is a no-fault state regarding vehicular insurance. Whether you caused the collision or the other driver did, both motorists and their passengers must seek compensation for their injuries under their own insurance policies’ Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverage. PIP coverage includes:

  • Lost income (60%) when injured parties are unable to work post-accident
  • Reasonable medical costs and treatment expenses (80%) following the wreck
  • Death benefits of $5,000 were paid to the survivors of the decedent or their estate when there was a fatality.

Ride-share accidents generally offer multiple paths from which to seek financial compensation. However, if you are not a trained car accident lawyer, you will likely walk away leaving money on the table. Here at The Morgan Law Group, our aggressive and skilled personal injury attorneys know how to correctly evaluate a case. We also are unafraid to hold the insurance companies’ figurative feet to the fire to get the highest possible settlements for our clients.

But we also are not afraid to face off with a contingent of corporate suits and battle it out in court when our clients are not offered fair settlements for their injuries arising from a Florida ride-share accident.

When It Might Be Necessary to Hold a Ride Share Driver Personally Liable

With the ride share companies having million-dollar minimum policies in place, most ride share drivers are off the hook for personal liability when they get into an accident that causes injuries to others.

But there can be exceptions to this — and they have to do with negligence. Did your ride-share driver experience an episode of road rage? Maybe they weaved dangerously in and out of the traffic lanes or otherwise acted recklessly from behind the wheel.

There have been cases where drunk or stoned ride-share drivers got into accidents due to their inebriation. In these cases, those drivers acted negligently and may bear personal responsibility for the consequences of the crashes they caused.

It is incidents similar to those where injured parties may most ant to seek additional compensation from the negligent driver that put their lives and safety at risk. If the case doesn’t settle, you might need to continue your fight for compensation in the courtroom.

Where to Turn When You Need to Hear Straight Talk

All of these complex rules about liability for ride share accidents can leave an already injured person’s head reeling. After you get injured in a ride share accident, you need to direct your focus to following medical instructions and healing from your treatments.

Few injured parties without legal training are able to navigate the shoals of a complex personal injury case involving multiple defendants. That’s why we urge ride share victims to consult with a personal injury and accident lawyer at The Morgan Law Group.

We work with clients from all walks of life get the justice they deserve in the form of financial compensation from the liable parties’ insurance companies. We understand that insurance companies love to low-ball individuals and we never fall for their tricks. We are always honest with our personal injury clients about how much their claims are truly worth, and we will work hard to get you the compensation you need to put this bad time behind you and move forward into the future.

If you were injured in a ride share accident here in South Florida, don’t hesitate another day. Waiting diminishes the value of cases because evidence starts to disappear. Instead, call us today at (305) 419-0584 to set up your no-cost, no-obligation appointment with a personal injury attorney at The Morgan Law Group.