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Florida ranks fifth overall in accidental drowning deaths in the United States. For children between the ages of one and four, the state claims the top spot in drowning deaths. Many of these accidents occur in swimming pools, which are popular additions to residential properties in our area. If a swimming pool accident occurs on your property, making sure you are represented by a qualified and knowledgeable accident attorney can allow you to protect yourself against potential financial liabilities associated with these types of accidents. The Morgan Law Group can provide you with the right representation to help you deal with the aftermath of swimming pool drownings or accidents.

Causes of Swimming Pool Accidents

Most swimming pool accidents can be attributed to one of two factors:

  • Lack of supervision: Failing to watch over swimmers when they are in the pool can allow accidental drownings. This applies to swimmers of all ages. It is especially important, however, to keep an eye on younger swimmers and on those without strong swimming skills. Failing to do so could result in pool owners being liable for drowning incidents or other injuries incurred in or around the swimming pool.
  • Lack of access control: Preventing unauthorized access to the swimming pool is required under Florida’s Residential Swimming Pool Safety Act and by many local authorities. Florida law requires a secure self-latching and self-closing fence, an approved pool cover and alarms on all windows and doors that lead directly to the pool. These safety measures are intended to prevent children from gaining access to the pool without supervision and to reduce the risk of accidental drownings.

Failing to provide adequate supervision and to secure the swimming pool effectively can lead to owner liability for any accidents or drownings that occur.

In some cases, swimming pool owners may be liable for drownings that happen because children entered the pool without permission and supervision. Taking steps to secure the pool against unauthorized access is the best way to prevent accidents for which owners might be held liable under the law.

Preventing Drownings Before They Occur

Taking a proactive approach to safety can prevent swimming pool drownings. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a few simple steps could reduce the risk of drowning in swimming pools:

  • Invest in swimming lessons for even the youngest members of the family.
  • Never swim alone. Always use the buddy system.
  • Use pool covers to prevent access to the water when the pool is not used for an extended period.
  • Maintain the drains and filters of the pool to ensure that they are operating safely and that they do not pose a risk to swimmers.
  • Build fences that completely enclose the swimming pool and that offer adequate security against unwanted intrusion.
  • Supervise children in swimming pools to keep them safer. While life jackets can provide some protection against drowning, they should only be used by younger children under close supervision.
  • Learn how to give CPR to provide lifesaving help for drowning victims before first responders can arrive.
  • Prohibit running or horseplay in the area of the swimming pool.

These precautions can prevent accidents that could lead to injuries or deaths. If an accident does occur, however, finding the right injury and accident lawyer in Florida can allow victims of these accidents and property owners to navigate the situation more successfully. At the Morgan Law Group, our accident lawyers can provide you with the right representation for swimming pool accidents in the state of Florida.

What to Do After a Swimming Pool Accident: Step by Step

Knowing what to do if a swimming pool drowning or other accident occurs can reduce liability for property owners and can give victims the best chance of recovering from these incidents:

  1. Call 911 and provide any first aid possible at the scene.
  2. Document the circumstances of the accident or drowning.
  3. Ask for police reports and statements from any witnesses.
  4. Consult with an experienced accident lawyer. Whether you are the property owner or a member of the victim’s family, you will need a competent accident attorney to handle the legal aspects of these accidents.

Working with an experienced and knowledgeable home insurance lawyer or accident lawyer can provide you with the assistance you need to deal with issues arising from swimming pool accidents on both sides of the liability question.

Why Homeowners and Business Owners Need a Florida Accident Attorney

If an accident occurs in or around a swimming pool on your premises, you need a qualified insurance lawyer in Florida to assess your liability and to work with your insurer to achieve a fair outcome. The Morgan Law Group can go to bat for you with insurance companies to ensure that your claims are handled properly and to make sure that your interests are represented in these proceedings. We have the experience and the legal knowledge you need to navigate these serious situations. By entrusting your case to us, you can potentially prevent significant financial consequences for you personally or for your business.

The Right Representation for Accident Victims and Their Families

If you or someone you love has been a victim of an injury or drowning in a swimming pool in Florida, it is essential to hold the responsible parties accountable for their actions or negligence. An experienced accident attorney can provide you with accurate legal guidance on how to pursue compensation for medical bills or other losses caused by swimming pool accidents. Even near-drowning accidents can have long-term effects that may require extended medical care and lifelong assistance with daily activities. At the Morgan Law Group, we can provide legal representation to help victims and their families. We work with insurance adjusters to assist our clients in obtaining the compensation to which they are rightly entitled.

The Morgan Law Group Can Help

Whether you have lost a loved one to a swimming pool accident or are dealing with the aftermath of these tragic events as a property owner, the right legal help can make a real difference in the outcome of your case. Call the Morgan Law Group today to discuss your situation with our experienced accident attorneys. We can help you navigate the legal system more effectively now and in the future.