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Product liability claims fall into three main categories: defective manufacture, dangerous design, and failure to warn. We have guided countless clients to successful legal outcomes, and are passionate about holding manufacturers, sellers, and others responsible for negligence and carelessness. If you have been injured by a defective product, our legal team will investigate the situation and represent you throughout the process.

Defectively Manufactured Products

Defectively manufactured products are those that were flawed during the manufacturing or assembly process. Claims involving defectively manufactured parts are common, and manufacturers or third-party assembly companies may be held liable.

Examples of defectively manufactured products include:

  • Cough syrup that is tainted with a toxic substance
  • A swing set that has a cracked chain
  • A car seat that has a broken harness clip

Dangerously Designed Products

Dangerously designed products are those that have an inherent flaw in their design. Instead of an error made during the manufacturing process, these products are made according to flawed standards. This problem affects not just a single item, but the entire line of products.

Examples of dangerously designed products include:

  • Electric blankets that cause electrocution when turned on high
  • Sunglasses that fail to provide UV protection
  • Cars that are prone to rolling over

Failure to Warn

Manufacturers may also be held liable for failing to provide adequate warnings about how to properly use a product. Without adequate instruction, consumers cannot reasonably know about unapparent hazards. Thus, manufacturers must provide warning labels and clear instructions to protect the safety of consumers.

Examples of failure to warn include:

  • Failure to warn about an oddly positioned steam valve on a tea kettle
  • Failure to warn about the dangers of taking a particular cough syrup with another common drug, like aspirin
  • Failure to warn about the potential for burn injuries from a chemical cleaning solution

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