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February 12, 2024 – The Morgan Law Group proudly introduces several accomplished attorneys, expanding its footprint nationally and bolstering its capabilities across offices and legal domains. 

In Melbourne, FL, Lori Costa joins, bringing over a decade of diverse legal experience and strong advocacy for first-party property litigation. 

Charles Gowland assumes the role of Managing Attorney in Louisiana, with 25 years of expertise in first-party property insurance litigation, fortifying the firm’s presence. 

In Orlando, Hannah Parker joins as Associate Attorney, specializing in property insurance claims, further strengthening the practice. 

Andres Alfonso joins the Miami office as an Associate Attorney, focusing on first-party property insurance cases, aligning with the firm’s principles of advocacy and community service. 

Elizabeth Booth spearheads the property litigation team in Pensacola, leveraging her varied legal background to advocate for homeowners. 

In Denver, Sebastian Melo-Ortiz assumes the role of Senior Attorney, enriching the firm’s property litigation practice with his broad expertise and unwavering dedication to advocating for clients. 

Thomas J. Morgan, Jr., Founding Partner, expresses enthusiasm for the new additions, highlighting their alignment with the firm’s mission to deliver exceptional legal representation. Mr. Morgan states, “I’m thrilled to welcome our newest attorneys. Their diverse expertise and dedication align perfectly with our commitment to exceptional representation. With their addition, we’re better equipped to navigate legal challenges and uphold our standards of excellence.” 

For more information about The Morgan Law Group and its attorneys, visit www.policyadvocate.com  


About The Morgan Law Group: 

The Morgan Law Group is a law firm specializing in representing policy owners and injured individuals. With over 25 years in business and offices nationwide, The Morgan Law Group handles first-party property and personal injury claims with real-world advice, experience, and knowledge, providing an all-inclusive approach to yielding the most positive results on their client’s behalf. The Morgan Law Group takes pride in understanding client concerns and delivering the most effective legal representation in a timely and professional manner. www.policyadvocate.com