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The Morgan Law Group has expanded our operations and footprint to extend our services and resources to the residents of Louisiana with our new location at 2315 Florida Street, Suite 121, Mandeville, Louisiana 70448.

Our newest office location joins our existing operations in OrlandoMiamiNaplesPanama City, and Tampa, Pensacola, and Mississippi and continues our commitment of providing over twenty years of experience representing clients facing underpaid or denied property insurance claims.

Experienced Insurance Claims Attorneys Serving All Louisiana Residents

At The Morgan Law Group P.A., our Louisiana insurance claims attorneys understand how important it is to have direct access to the legal resources you need when your insurance company disputes your coverage after damage occurs to any part of your property, for any reason.

Our insurance claims attorneys in Louisiana specialize in cases that include:

How Can The Morgan Law Group Help Louisiana Residents with Their Insurance Claims?

When our Louisiana residents suffer damage to their homecondo, or business, whether it is from a fire, storm surge, or hurricane, their first line of defense is to file a claim with their insurance company.

Unfortunately, insurance company representatives may delay recovery payments by stating their policyholders did not submit the proper documentation to receive payment, as they demand more information again and again.

Next, they may undervalue their policyholders’ claims by assigning an insurance adjuster who is employed by the insurance company to evaluate the damage, which will ultimately be a biased assessment.

Finally, they may even deny their policyholders’ claims by pointing to the terms within the policy that are manipulated and interpreted to deem the damage as uncovered.

Contact our experienced insurance claims attorneys in Louisiana today at 888-904-2524 to schedule a free consultation and learn how we can help you pursue the outcome you deserve from your insurance policy.

The Morgan Law Group, P.A. can help bring clarity to your insurance claim by outlining what is covered in your policy, assigning a public adjuster who is not employed by the insurance company to assess your damages, compiling the proper paperwork, and thoroughly submitting your claim on your behalf to ensure no detail is left to chance, thereby lessening the insurance company’s ability to delay, devalue, or deny your claim.