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Orlando, Florida – April 11th, 2024 – The Morgan Law Group, a leading law firm specializing in
representing policyholders, proudly exhibited at the prestigious AAHOACON 2024. The event, hosted by
the Asian American Hotel Owners Association (AAHOA), took place from April 2-5, 2024, at the Orange
County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida.

With over 25 years of experience and nationwide offices, The Morgan Law Group is committed to
providing exceptional legal support, particularly in first-party property claims. The firm’s dedication to
offering practical advice, leveraging experience, and applying in-depth knowledge ensures that clients
receive effective representation and achieve favorable outcomes.

At AAHOACON 2024, the firm’s booth served as a platform for engaging in discussions and consultations
with hotel owners and operators. The Morgan Law Group’s legal experts provided valuable insights into
navigating complex legal challenges, demonstrating their understanding of client concerns and ability to
deliver timely and professional services.

“We were pleased to interact with hotel owners and industry peers at AAHOACON,” stated Asher Mellul,
Head of Business Development at The Morgan Law Group. “It was a pleasure discussing how our firm
can help to navigate legal challenges. Our commitment to offering personalized legal solutions is a source
of pride for us, and this event allowed us to showcase our dedication to assisting clients in effectively
managing their commercial property insurance claims.”
For more information about The Morgan Law Group, please visit policyadvocate.com.

About The Morgan Law Group:
The Morgan Law Group is a law firm specializing in representing policy owners and injured individuals.
With over 25 years in business and offices nationwide, The Morgan Law Group handles first-party

property and personal injury claims with real-world advice, experience, and knowledge, providing an all-
inclusive approach to yielding the most positive results on their client’s behalf. The Morgan Law Group

takes pride in understanding client concerns and delivering the most effective legal representation in a
timely and professional manner.

For media inquiries, please contact jbamdas@morganlawgroup.net