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With a sharp focus on long-term, sustained growth, The Morgan Law Group has added Jesmany Jomarron, along with key members of his first-party department from Farrell, Patel, Jomarron Law, LLP, to expand its lengthy history as respected first-party property litigators and maintain their focus on providing quality legal services to the policyholders.

With its main offices in Florida, and now with additional offices in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Puerto Rico, The Morgan Law Group’s Founding Partner, Thomas J. Morgan Jr., who has dedicated over 20 years of service to representing clients facing denied or underpaid property insurance claims, and Managing Partner, Daniel F. Lopez, welcome Jesmany Jomarron into the firm as Senior Partner and a key asset to the firm’s management team. Mr. Morgan stated that “We are excited to have Jesmany come on board to add another highly regarded and skilled member to our firm that can only benefit our current and future clients.”

A highly sought-after trial lawyer, Mr. Jomarron’s experience has proven invaluable in managing the firm’s insurance claim cases, striving effectively to recover wrongfully withheld funds from insurance companies on behalf of his clients during trials before juries in both state and federal courts. “Our firm is enthusiastic to unite with The Morgan Law Group. The expanded industry and practice resources represent profound additions that will benefit our staff and clients. Both firms also focus on what will make us more competitive in the marketplace, including fostering a team-oriented culture and prioritizing technology, responsiveness, innovation and agility when providing client counsel,” said Jesmany Jomarron, Esq. “The combination greatly expands our presence in Florida, Mississippi, Louisiana and Puerto Rico – where The Morgan Law Group has a lengthy history as a respected first-party law firm with a strong client roster – and further strengthens our position in the commercial litigation sector.”

Mr. Jomarron’s accomplishments inside and outside the courtroom include successfully prevailing on hundreds of commercial and condominium litigation disputes, including real estate litigation and probate litigation, with a specialized area of practice dedicated to creditors’ remedies and debtors’ rights, which is especially useful for implementing strategies for post-judgment collection and asset protection.

Combined with the key members of Mr. Jomarron’s team, The Morgan Law Group’s vast experience and ability to protect property owners has expanded, further solidifying the firm’s reputation as trial-tested attorneys representing residential, commercial, and municipal policyholders against their respective insurance companies.

With a larger geographical footprint, deeper resources, and a broader network, The Morgan Law Group is increasing client services to those impacted by their insurance company’s erroneously underpaid or denied property claims while consistently focusing on pursuing positive and expeditious resolutions for policyholders throughout the Southeast and Puerto Rico.