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At The Morgan Law Group, we extend our congratulations to our Managing Partner, Thomas J. Morgan, in being named by Acquisition International’s 2019 Leading Adviser Awards as the Leading Bad Faith Insurance Attorney of the Year.

It is a great honor to be nominated by a prestigious organization, and officially be named as a leading attorney in one of our core practice areas, bad faith insurance claims. This reflects our law firm’s devotion to protecting policyholders’ rights throughout the State of Florida.

How Does Acquisition International Select Its Award Recipients?

Acquisition International (AI) highlights innovative and renowned professionals from around the world by selecting individuals and firms that have demonstrated excellence in their fields.

Acting as an ultimate guide for those seeking trusted experts, AI nominates professionals who are sole proprietors, and members of small, large, and international corporations alike.

Recipients are determined through an internal process that combines the research and analysis of local and client recommendations, national press resources, press releases, industry journals, and other published works to source potential candidates based entirely on merit.

Next, the candidates are shortlisted and scrutinized during an elite selection process that considers their experience, industry recognition, sector expertise, reputation, firm performance, leadership, and extracurricular activities.

The finalists are chosen based on their accomplishments in each field and are awarded on their aptitude and excellence in their areas of expertise.

As a result of this competitive analysis, Thomas J. Morgan was named by Acquisition International Leading Adviser Award as the Leading Bad Faith Insurance Attorney of the Year for 2019.

Florida’s Leading Bad Faith Insurance Attorney of the Year: Thomas J. Morgan, Jr.

Thomas J. Morgan was admitted to the Florida Bar Association in 1997 and has spent over two decades protecting the rights of Florida insurance policyholders to ensure their providers deliver on their legally binding obligations outlined in the policies they design.

Mr. Morgan is currently the Managing Partner at The Morgan Law Group and invites all Floridians to hold their insurance carriers responsible for the coverage their policies outline after they have suffered damages.

What Is Bad Faith Insurance?

Insurance coverage requires compliance from both sides of the agreement to be effective.

Insurance companies have a duty to their policyholders to meet the full compensation requirements outlined in their legally binding agreement when the policyholder upholds their agreement to pay for the coverage on time.

Bad faith insurance claims can be brought against the insurance company for several reasons, including when the carrier:

  • Denies coverage to the policyholder without a valid explanation
  • Fails to adequately investigate the claim in a timely or proper manner
  • Intentionally misrepresents the terms of the coverage
  • Knowingly offers less than the value outlined in the policy
  • Makes unreasonable interpretations of the insurance policy
  • Refuses to defend a lawsuit
  • Threatens the insured
  • Unnecessarily prolongs the insurance settlement

When the insurance carrier violates the agreement, the policyholder may file a bad faith insurance claim to pursue the financial recovery they deserve for their home, business, or other property damage.

If you believe your insurance company is operating in Bad Faith, contact our experienced Florida insurance claims attorneys today by calling (800) 551-0554 to schedule a free consultation.