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Area residents know that severe weather is a fact of life. Tornadoes in Tennessee, while not as frequent as some other natural disasters, pose a significant danger to both life and property.

If your home or business has been damaged or destroyed in a tornado, navigating the property damage claim process with your tornado insurance in Tennessee can be overwhelming. To make matters worse, changes to insurance coverage for damages caused by natural disasters, such as tornadoes in Tennessee, make the property damage claims process complicated.

An experienced Tennessee tornado damage claims lawyer at The Morgan Law Group can be a lifeline during these trying times. We understand how complex the process of filing a tornado insurance claim can be and what insurers look for to try and deny claims.

Insurers Limiting the Coverage for Damages Caused by Natural Disasters – Property Damage Claim in Tennessee

Climate change is leading to more frequent and severe natural disasters, such as tornadoes, hurricanes, wildfires, and floods. These events cause billions of dollars in damage each year, putting an immense strain on insurance companies.

Insurance companies operate on a risk-based model, where premiums are calculated based on the likelihood of payouts. Increased risk from natural disasters forces insurers to raise premiums, or in some cases, reduce the coverage they offer.

In areas particularly vulnerable to climate-related disasters, some insurers are making drastic changes to the non-renewal of policies, exclusions, and higher deductibles.

Being left without adequate insurance coverage, or no coverage at all makes a homeowner financially vulnerable if a tornado strikes. The cost of repairs and rebuilding could be out of reach for many people. This is a concerning trend when considering a Tennessee tornado damage claim.

Also, when insurers start pulling out of specific regions, it creates a scarcity of options, pushing insurance prices even higher or forcing families to consider going uninsured. At the same time, homes in areas known for having inadequate insurance options will likely see their property values decrease.

What You Can Do as Policyholders to Adapt to Potential Property Damage Claim Changes

  1. Review Your Policy Regularly – Do not wait for renewal time. Understand what is covered in your policy, its exclusions, and how deductibles are structured.
  2. Shop Around – Do not automatically stay with your current insurer. Seek quotes from multiple companies to ensure you are getting the best available coverage for your situation.
  3. Consider Supplemental Insurance – For very high-risk areas, you might need specialized disaster insurance policies (for flooding or earthquakes, for example) as a supplement to your main homeowner’s policy.
  4. Advocate – Participate in policy discussions in your community and at the state level. Insurance regulation is complex, but homeowners need better solutions to ensure coverage is available and affordable.

Common Tornado Damage Insurance Claims

The destructive power of a tornado can wreak havoc on your property, leaving you with various problems that your insurance should cover. Understanding the scope of possible damage will help you prepare your claim thoroughly:

  • Roof Damage
    • Shingle Loss: Even moderate tornadoes in Tennessee can easily dislodge or completely blow off shingles, leaving your roof vulnerable.
    • Structural Damage to the Roof: The violent uplift forces of a tornado can bend or snap the roof’s supporting trusses, compromising its integrity.
    • Total Roof Removal: In extreme cases, the immense force of a tornado might lift the entire roof off the structure, resulting in widespread damage.
  • Structural Damage
    • Wall Damage: External walls can buckle under wind pressure, crack due to shifting structures, or be breached by flying debris.
    • Foundation Damage: Tornadoes can exert tremendous force on foundations. This can lead to cracks, shifting, or even collapse, especially in older, unreinforced foundations.
    • Compromised Framing: Structural supports and connections in wooden frames can loosen or fail under tornado winds, threatening the entire building’s stability.
  • Window and Door Damage
    • Shattered Glass: Flying debris and the sudden pressure changes caused by tornadoes can blow out windows and glass doors.
    • Frame Damage: Door and window frames can be warped or torn out of place by the tornado’s destructive forces.
  • Water Damage
    • Roof Leaks and Interior Flooding: Heavy rain accompanying a tornado, coupled with roof damage, often results in severe water intrusion into the home.
    • Damage From Ruptured Pipes: Falling debris or shifting structures can puncture water pipes, exacerbating the water damage caused by rain.
  • Damage to Personal Property
    • Crushed or Punctured Items: Anything inside your home is at risk of being hit by flying debris, crushed by collapsing structures, or waterlogged.
    • Electronics and Appliances: Sensitive electronics are particularly vulnerable to debris impact, as well as water damage if flooding occurs.

How a Tennessee Tornado Damage Claim Lawyer Can Help

At The Morgan Law Group, we can assist with every stage of your property damage claim, including:

  1. Documenting the damage – Evidence is key. We will guide you in creating proper documentation.
  2. Reviewing your policy – We will ensure you understand the details and are aware of all the benefits you are entitled to.
  3. Filing the claim – We will file your claim properly, including necessary documentation and reports.
  4. Negotiating with the insurance company – We will handle all communication with the insurer to ensure fair treatment and that you receive maximum compensation. Our experience with tornado insurance claim lawyers in Tennessee gives us insight into how insurers evaluate these cases.
  5. Litigation – If the insurance company wrongfully denies or undervalues your claim, we will fight tirelessly in court to hold them accountable. Tennessee property damage claim lawyers like us specialize in the legal complexities of these cases.

Facing a tornado’s aftermath is overwhelming enough without the added stress of a complicated insurance claim. Do not navigate this process alone, especially with the changing legal landscape in Tennessee.

Contact The Morgan Law Group today for a free consultation. We understand the complexities of your Tennessee tornado property damage claim. Our goal is to ease your burden, protect your rights, and secure the full compensation you deserve to rebuild your life.