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Understanding Property Taxes in California: a Homeowner’s Guide

Owning a home in California bears several responsibilities, and paying taxes is one of them. To maximize your potential savings, you need to have an understanding of the state’s property taxes. Let’s explore some of the laws governing property taxes in California and check on some of the common property insurance claims. Keep reading to learn more.

Property Taxes in the State of California


Property taxes in California are important for the state’s development. The income is majorly used to fund infrastructure projects, hospitals and other necessities.

The amount you pay for property tax in California is assessed from the value of your property and is governed and regulated by Preposition 13 of the law. This proposition strictly limits property tax increases in the state.

Assessment of California’s Property Taxes under Proposition 13

Proposition 13 ensures property taxes are capped at 1% of the property’s assessed value. When purchasing a property in California, the assessments are the first things conducted, among other things. With Proposition 13, the assessed value can increase up to 2% per year. As a homeowner, this provides predictability for your property taxes.

California’s Property Tax Exemptions

Property Owner Exemptions

The state of California offers various exemptions to reduce property owners’ tax burden. The Homeowner Exemption is the most common exemption that provides a fair tax reduction if the property is your primary place of residence.

Other Tax Exemptions

Other exemptions apply to property owners besides Homeowner Exemption. Veterans, seniors, and disabled persons are some beneficiaries of these exemptions. Understanding these exemptions can be advantageous because you can get significant tax savings if you qualify.

The Intersection of Property Taxes and Property Insurance Claims

The Role of Property Insurance Attorneys

Dealing with property insurance claims in California can be daunting, especially when dealing with wildfires, earthquakes, or hurricanes. If you’re facing insurance issues with your insurance company, it would be best if you involved an expert in this field. The Morgan Law Group is a renowned company offering a range of legal services with trusted legal attorneys.

Here are some of the property claims they can help you with.

Fire damage claims

Fire causes terrible damage to properties and can be caused by several things. It can be due to campfires, arson, and more. It’s always a good idea to have property insurance just in case an accident like this occurs.

Water damage claims

Hurricanes and heavy rains are the main causes of water damage claims in California. Leaking pipes in your home property can also cause severe damage. No matter the cause, you deserve the financial recovery outlined in your privacy policy terms. The property insurance claims attorney at The Morgan Law will stop at nothing to ensure you get compensated for the water damages caused if you’ve paid the premiums.

Mold Damage Claims

Mold and mildew mainly start developing within two days of water exposure. Unless the source of moisture is found and dealt with, the mold will continue spreading. When mold damages occur, your insurance company is responsible for replacing the property.

Wind Damage Claims

If your property experiences wind damage, there are a few steps you can take. First, ensure your family is safe, and then take photos and videos of the damaged property. Finally, contact your insurance company and request compensation.

If the claim process becomes a little bit complicated, get an experienced wind insurance claim attorney to help. Often, some insurance companies may deny or underpay for the damages caused. The Morgan Law Group team of skilled lawyers will help you negotiate with your insurance company accordingly.

Hurricane Insurance Claims and Other Natural-caused Disaster claims

Natural disasters have become common in the US. A skilled insurance claims attorney from the Morgan Law Group can help you deal with the complexities of filing hurricane insurance claims, wildfire claims, and more.

Property Damage Claims

The Morgan Law Group can help you deal with other property claims besides home damage. They include the following:

Boat Insurance Claims

Boating requires comprehensive insurance, especially if you’re living in California. At The Morgan Law Group, the boat insurance claims lawyers understand that just because you have an insurance policy to protect you in case of an accident.

The insurance policy will differ depending on what type of boat you own. An insurance claims lawyer ensures you’re covered according to your unique needs.

Broken Pipe Damage Claims

The state of California has insurance laws and guidelines for handling broken pipe damages. These laws apply to insurance carriers and policyholders, ensuring fair resolution of damage claims. In case of issues, The Morgan Law Group can help you handle the claims in compliance with regulatory obligations.

Business Insurance Claims

Whether you’re a business owner or a service provider who has taken all the necessary steps to ensure the insurance coverage matches your needs, your future property protection lies in the hands of your insurance company. If an accident occurs and damages your business, and the company is unwilling to uphold its end of the bargain, you may want to file an insurance claim. This is where a business insurance claims lawyer comes in. Experts from the Morgan Law Group recommend you get a lawyer specialized in the field and get the financial recovery you deserve.

Your resource in Legal Matters: The Morgan Law Group

If you’re seeking legal guidance in property-related matters, the Morgan Law Group stands as a trusted ally. The team is well-versed in California property Law, ensuring your claims are sorted.

Homeowners in California must understand how property taxes apply to them and their property insurance claims so they can confidently face legal matters. Reliable partners like The Morgan Law Group to help you file insurance claims and other property-related legal issues. Partnering with a legal team that understands legal matters in California enables you to secure your financial interests and protect your valuable assets. Contact us today and book a free consultation with expert advice and guidance.