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Workers in Louisiana expect that they will go to work each scheduled workday and go home at the end of their shift. They trust that their employer follows the applicable Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards. Unfortunately, the average Louisiana workplace accident occurs because of negligence or intentional disregard for workers’ safety.

Hundreds of people experience workplace injuries and deaths every year in the state of Louisiana. Workers have rights that they are often not aware of that can compensate them or their eligible family member after a workplace injury or death. Contacting an accident attorney is a crucial step towards getting compensation for your injuries. The accident attorneys at Morgan Law Group have more than 25 years of experience providing legal representation with determination, compassion, honesty, and accountability.

Louisiana Workplace Accident Statistics

A shocking number of Louisiana workplace injuries and fatalities occur every year. It is important to understand that although it is easy to assume that workers are only injured or killed in the workplace when they have dangerous jobs, this is not always the case. A person who has a desk job can get up and trip over a safety hazard because of the employer’s negligence. Someone who works in a restaurant or retail setting can have a slip and fall injury because of a spill.

The National Safety Council indicates that hundreds of workers were killed because of falls in 2021, and hundreds of thousands of people were injured so badly across the U.S. that they missed work days. The agency explained that falls do not have to be from a high level to cause serious injuries or fatalities.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reveals that there were 120 total workplace-related fatalities in the state of Louisiana in 2022. Transportation-related incidents caused 40 fatalities. There were 26 workplace fatalities that were caused by exposure to harmful substances or harmful environments, and 19 fatal workplace slips, trips, and falls. Contact with equipment and objects caused 18 of Louisiana’s 120 fatal workplace injuries in 2022.

The OSHA homepage explains that its mission is to set and enforce standards that ensure that employees have a safe and healthful environment. Employers are required to follow all OSHA standards. Employees who are injured and the eligible family member of loved ones who suffer fatal injuries need to contact an accident and injury attorney who has a reputation for providing legal representation with the best outcome for the specific case.

Steps to Take after Experiencing a Workplace Injury

Employees need to protect their rights to recover compensation after a workplace injury. Make sure that you report the injury as soon as possible after it occurs so that you have documentation proving that you reported it in a timely manner.

Employers have 10 days to file a First Report of Injury via Form LWC-WC IA-1, which is required by the Louisiana Workforce Commission. The report starts the claims process. It should include details surrounding the injury. Employers who fail to complete the form in a timely manner are subject to penalties.

Take photos of the scene where the accident occurred or have someone do it for you. Let your accident lawyer know if your employer tries to prevent you from taking photos of the specific area where you had your workplace injury.

Write down as much detail as you remember as soon as possible. Everything may not come to you all at once, so keep a notepad handy and jot down additional details as you remember them. List the names of coworkers or other witnesses.

Contact the Morgan Law Group, where injury attorneys deliver excellence in their work for clients. Workers have rights after experiencing a workplace accident. An experienced, dedicated personal injury attorney can help employees to understand those rights and strive to get compensation for their injuries.

Your Rights After a Louisiana Workplace Accident

Employees have the right to seek medical attention after a workplace accident or injury. Workers who need ongoing medical care have the right to obtain the diagnostic tests, treatments, or other medical care deemed necessary by a physician or other medical provider. Let your attorney know if your employer tries to keep you from seeking medical attention.

Workers have the right to return to their job if they receive clearance to do so from a physician or other medical professional.

Employees who cannot return to work, either temporarily or permanently, have the right to file for workers’ compensation. Louisiana has specific statutes that govern workers’ compensation for injured workers, under RS 23:1020.1, The Louisiana Workers’ Compensation Act.

People who are injured in a workplace accident, and eligible family members of workers who experience fatal injuries, have the right to seek legal representation from an accident attorney. Do not let an employer discourage you from contacting an injury lawyer.

Why Should I Contact a Louisiana Workplace Accident Attorney?

Some people may feel that they do not have a legal claim to get the compensation that they may be eligible to receive after a workplace accident. Louisiana’s workers often do not know their rights after they are injured because of negligence or intentional disregard of workplace safety standards and regulations on the part of their employer.

Contacting an attorney can help you learn your rights and can help you learn whether you have a claim. You do not automatically receive compensation for your losses. You must file a claim. Lawyers who have experience working with people who have been injured in the workplace know the OSHA standards and regulations. They also understand the Louisiana laws related to workplace injuries.

The personal injury and accident attorneys at Morgan Law Group have extensive experience working with clients in Louisiana who have had workplace injuries. They provide personalized services and legal representation for every client.

Contact the Morgan Law Group today to discuss your Louisiana workplace accident. Our experienced, caring attorneys are here for you to help you navigate the process of seeking compensation for your workplace injury accident that occurred in Louisiana.